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Melee at KFLL After Spirit Flights are Cancelled Amid Pilot's Union Negotiations

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Angry passengers on their way to a graduation are thrown to the floor and arrested after lashing out over their canceled flights. ( Mais...

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Torsten Hoff 2
Spirit Airlines, the Greyhound Bus of the skies.
F.O. Krupke 5
That's pretty Greyhound.
linbb 4
Figures a few entitled idiots without a thought about anything but causing trouble for people who could do nothing.
Its getting worse and wait for the suits to be filed against the police who did the right thing but nothing against the passengers involved.
Mob violence will continue until they take action against those like the women in the long dress get sentenced and fined.
Everybody is screaming for accountability from airlines but there is nobody talking about accountability from passengers.

Remember during the mess with all the knee defenders? Several US planes diverted due to the ruckus being made onboard. One Canadian flight did and when the government took the passenger to court and fined her several thousand dollars for the divertment, it quickly stopped all the ruckus.
Kris Durbin 1
My thoughts exactly.
dbkoob 0
I,m sorry how would you like it if your flight is canceled for no reason other than a pity pilot delay strike. I am sorry no the weather was fine the planes were a plenty. There was no reason for the canceled flights period. The airline was not being responsible to their customers in this occasion. They could have offered to book passengers on other airlines or refunds. They did not.

I had someone in my family flying out from FLL on Sunday their flight left 12hrs late while every other airline was on time


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