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Transatlantic for $69 plus tax one way??

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Norwegian Air to offer Upstate NY to Ireland flights. ( Mais...

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joel wiley 5
How much for the flight back? Baggage fees?
Wolfgang Prigge 6
And who wants to be squeezed in for 8 hours on a high density B737 just to save a few bucks?
Dan Chiasson 4
My sense is that it may be more than a few bucks. BUT the all in cost (getting there and back to Stewart, more than a few drinks prior to and on the flight to take the ease the cramming effects, a checked bag or two, etc) will have to be factored in. BUT there may be the purists that just has to get their a@@ to Europe and they may profit from the opportunity. ex: students.
Wolfgang Prigge 3
You are right, there are lots of "ancillary costs" to add to the equation. Also, most of these low cost airlines have extremely well-thought out baggage fees (well-thought out for them of course). By the time you add all up, there is not enough of a difference in price to justify the 8 hour torture in a B737 with 186 passengers.
joel wiley 3
Maybe they're targetting, among others, those budget minded folks who drive clear across town to save $.03/gal for a 10 gal fillup.
djames225 2
Shhh will make those folks have to do the math
djames225 3
Not just that, Wolfgang, but I am not flying in a tin can that is having its flight envelope pushed to almost max unless Norwegian plans on stopping in YYT to top up.
joel wiley 3
If they do, they will bill you for the gas stop.
djames225 2
LOL...very witty but probably true Joel
Wolfgang Prigge 1
YYT because you want to order a meal of cod-tongues to go?
djames225 2
Probably only meal we got...that plus be nice to get it refuelled
Wolfgang Prigge 2
I understood the refuelling of course, but Imagine the smell of a couple of cod tongues for your inflight meal....
Steve Long 4
Reminds me of People Express in the '80's. I used to fly them out of Syracuse Hancock. It was unique, to say the least. Everything cash, collected on board, and I mean everything, including the airfare. Well, almost everything. They didn't have pay toilets. I'll tell you what though, people just simply flocked to them. They may have been first in the U.S. airline industry to charge for checked bags. They might have been still around except for an ill-advised buying and acquisition spree. They wound up working almost entirely to service their debts. Too bad. Innovation and turning customer wants into viable revenue streams is something that's always good for any industry.
I used to fly them, EWR to DCA for $20.
John D. Rockefeller made his millions by undercutting gasoline stations on the other corner, driving them out of business. Soon he dominated the competition, raised the price of a gallon of gas, and had the market to himself. Is this Norwegian Airline's idea? It's become a jungle out there.
josh homer 6
Southwest did it and people flocked. Now they gripe about the majors not serving meals anymore but expecting Southwest prices. Southwest is now more expensive in the DFW area.
djames225 3
Reminds me when Westjet started their first transatlantic venture and how cheap it was 1 way Halifax to Dublin if you had little to no baggage...boy that sure didnt last long
Guy Cocoa 2
The distance between KSWF and EICK is 3089 miles. Which model 737 has that range? What are the diversion airports?
djames225 2
It will be using a 737..its the new 737 Max 8 3,515 nmi (4,045 mi; 6,510 km)... it's actually 3156 nm SWF to ORK but like I said to Wolfgang below...400nm is pushing the envelope as far as Im concerned.
joel wiley 1
They have 787s for long range. Could be a typo or p*** poor reporting.
Ric Wernicke 2
It is coming soon folks. There will be a scale at the gate, and it will adjust your fare up if you and your carry on are more than 50Kg. The prices shown now are nothing more than bait to pull you into their enterprise.
Stephen Donnelly 2
Everything is relative: From my perspective, Albany, Utica, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo is upstate lol!
bettiem 1
Interesting headline but I couldn't read the article because of a cascade of popups from the Poughkeepsie Journal.
Nick Bell 1
Yep. Flyers beware.
James Derry 1
I have flown Norwegian 777s and my sister recently flew a former executive 737 Boston to Copenhagen. She was pleasantly surprised by the legroom and comfort and my Norwegian experiences have all been good. Of course it is a promotional fare, of course it won't last, but if it suits your travel needs, it is a great off for right now. BA had a promotional to Malta this week. 49£ each way for Malta. I grabbed it Monday. Thursday the same flight was 280£. A sale is a sale, a promotion is a promotion. Ends there.
Norwegian operates only 787s. The Boston-Copenhagen route is operated by SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System), Norwegian is their competitor.
*only* to mean transatlantic currently. They operate 787 and 737s under the same brand, though in different companies.
Hold on folks, isn't this the deal that had pilots up in arms as the "flag of convenience" deal? I seem to remember that the concern was that Norwegian Air was going to wind up using under qualified, and severely underpaid Chinese pilots to fly not only internationally but INTO US air space. If that's the case, seems to me that the public is maintaining a very narrow focus and NOT looking at the big picture, to wit, having trained, qualified and experienced crew manning the flight deck in case of emergency. Do and say what you want but as a member of the general public this would be a reason for me NOT to fly commercial - the trivialization and dumbing down of the cockpit in favor of the bottom line.
Marc Catanese 1
If they are able to offer this kind of pricing, it's not because of the pay for two pilots which is insignificant compared to the cost of operating the flight as a whole.
Marc Catanese 1
If they are able to offer this kind of pricing, it's not because of the pay for two pilots which is insignificant compared to the cost of operating the flight as a whole.
Mike Malin 1
Flight crew not encluded .
JR Digney 1
Where's the story? "More" just gives me ads and surveys - not news.
S Holley 1
Hope this helps.


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