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SWISS ‘satisfied’ with first 30 days of CS100 operations

Lufthansa subsidiary Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) said the first 30 days of Bombardier CS100 commercial operations have gone according to plan, despite minor glitches. The Star Alliance member is the first operator of the CSeries. ( More...

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Not to defend cs100 but compare to most other newly introduced aircraft in the last 20 yes 787 anyone---it looks pretty good.
Claude B. 1
August 26, 2016, ©. Leeham ”A good in-service start for CSeries”
Luigi Petro 1
Sono contento e fiero del prodotto canadese.
blueashflyer 1
not exactly a ringing endorsement
scott8733 1
I was thinking the same. Bombardier dispatched 20 specialists for the EIS. That's basically 2 per A/C.

I wonder if anyone who frequents the board and works for a mfg.can opine on this being SOP?


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