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(video) B-29 "Doc" First Flight in 60 years! World's 2nd Superfortress Takes Off from Wichita, Kansas!

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FIFI has lost her title as the world's only flying B-29! If you missed Doc's first flight, here it is!! Recorded live from DPG WICHITA. ( Mais...

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zennermd 9
Way to go Doc! Hope to see you and FiFi at Oshkosh, together!!! You two will rule the skies.
ilikerio 2
That would be awesome!
zennermd 3
Throw in a couple of P-51's, 47's and 38's for cover and we will have a party!!!!
jbqwik 6
The team's persistence and hard work pays off. A remarkable group of talented people. WooHoo!
ilikerio 1
Congrats to Doc and Doc's Friends!!
Wally Colbert 5
Awesome day in aviation history!!!
This piece of history is as old as I am
What a Beautiful Takeoff and Landing!
Thanks for sharing the video
Only wish I was there to share the viewing!!!
ilikerio 1
Truly a historical moment! Wish I was there too, but since I couldn't be there I decided to record the live stream!
Andres Carrillo 3
Great job you guys, I'm impressed!
ilikerio 2
Sam Johnson 3
That is absolutely wonderful. It brings tears to my eyes. Congrats to all.
ilikerio 1
Congrats Doc!!
Gene Nowak 2
From one old USAF bird to another, grab the sky Doc and just keep climbing. Great to see you up there again.
oowmmr 2
What a feat, congrats to all.
Myles Marcovitch 1
Did all B-29s use the R3350 engines with turbo compounding? I just watched a 40 minute "Flight Engineers Training Program" that was top secret in 1944 when filmed and it spoke about turning on and off the turbos. It said it had a "waste gate" problem that was fixed AND the turbos that were being inspected looked like the external variety as found on the B-17s and P-38s, not the enclosed three turbos that were on the amazing turbo compound engines. Did they ever use that type (Lockheed Super Connies and DC-7s used them), and were they put into service later since they were the final iteration of the radial engine? I built an RC version of the '17 and did a lot of research on the turbos and their plumbing.
coinflyer 1
Why'd they leave the gear down??
James Carlson 2
Normal for a test flight. There's less to go wrong.
coinflyer 3
Thought as much. But makes plane harder to fly/maneuver, especially at low altitudes/speeds. Would've thought they'd want to cycle the gear and test that too, but I guess safer to test while mounted on blocks.
James Carlson 3
AC 90-89B has a bit of a different audience, but is a pretty thorough introduction to the sorts of considerations you have to take when getting a restored (or newly-built) aircraft into the sky:

Test flights are no small matter, at least when done right. There is (or should be) a very detailed plan, and a sequence of steps building confidence in each part of the system before going onto the next step.

With the gear, it's not just whether it'll go back down after coming up, but also whether the aircraft itself is stable after raising the gear. It's possible that something's out of rig, and raising the gear causes the plane to become uncontrollable. So, one thing at a time.

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joel wiley 4
Perhaps you were also 'NOT aware' of the meaning of 'has a bit of a different audience'.
James Carlson 3
Of course the B-29 isn't the same category at all. But the issues that document discusses are right on point, and it's a highly accessible document -- meaning that others (including those who aren't A&Ps) can read and understand.

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coinflyer 3
As a pilot, it is common sense that any aircraft is harder to fly & maneuver at low altitudes and speeds with anything that increases drag, such as gear down. While it may be negligible (or not) in the B-29, 'tis only a general observation.
Gordon Peters 1
Is Doc coming to Oshkosh Air Venture?
Peter Maas 0
if had not been for the B-29, I would not be sitting at my computer.
Travis Mauldin -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Doc takes flight!

Fifi loses title as only flying B-29 as Doc takes to the sky's last Sunday.


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