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New York-bound American Airlines plane with 100 people on board diverts to Ireland because of a 'battery discharge'

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The Boeing 777 was 90 minutes into its seven-hour journey to New York JFK Airport and made a safe landing at Shannon. It had departed Heathrow at 8.40pm, landing in Ireland at 10.10pm. The crew had advised controllers they had an issue with a 'battery discharging' and had been advised to divert to the nearest airport, reported the Clare Herald. ( Mais...

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Mark Thomas 2
Only 100 pax on a 777 from Heathrow? Is American making any money on this flight? Then to top it off they have to divert which costs thousands more!
Glad they got her down safe!
Wolfgang Prigge 1
Would be interesting to compare the number of passengers on flights of competing airlines on that day, let's say British Airways.
joel wiley 0
Interesting comments on AVHerald. Check engine light came on?
Chris B 1
Some relatively minor defect in the electrical system, rather than a generator failure is most likely. You don't want to run the aircraft on the APU as thats the final back up.....
matt jensen -2
Gonna keep happening until they fix it. But when?
linbb 4
Funny never have seen another report with this series of AC but hey your crystal ball your western to tell.


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