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Emissions standards a factor in Delta's Bombardier jets deal

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Concern over future U.N. aircraft emissions standards was a factor in a Delta Air Lines Inc deal announced this week to buy 75 new CS100 jets from Bombardier Inc, a Delta executive said on Friday. Delta's decision was in part because the planes will comply with standards that the United Nations aviation arm will likely introduce over the next decade, said Greg May, senior vice president for supply chain maintenance and fleet strategy. ( Mais...

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Bob Bell 4
Buy American? I am not sure if any American Aerospace companies build regional jets. Bombardier and Embraer dominate the 50-100 seat market.
Richard Badali -4
It appears Delta is becoming more and more Anti American by buying foreign airplanes. I hope the next president clamps down on purchasing foreign equipment and bring it back to the USA. If they use US parts and engines they will comply with the standards.
anti-american? Seriously? Maybe the rest of the world should buy Airbus rather than Boeing!
rapidwolve 3
Says Richard as he types it out on his Apple iPod...u folks and your Buy Only USA are pathetic when you use Apple, Samsung etc products
rapidwolve 2
Ohhh and those A321's Delta are buying?....MADE IN ALABAMA


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