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Qatar Airways brings Airbus A350 to Philadelphia

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Qatar Airways, the launch customer of the A350 and the first airline to land the A350 in the United States, achieved another milestone by being the first airline to offer a regularly-scheduled A350 service to the United States with its January 1, 2016 service from Doha’s Hamad International Airport to Philadelphia. Qatar Airways was the official launch customer for the A350 and continues to be the leader in deploying the state-of-the-art aircraft around the world. The A350 partnership marks… ( Mais...

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Bash Beard 4
Wouldn't be a normal day in Mur'ca without at least one racist post in the comments section...
Edward Dougherty 1
Was there the morning the first flight landed. Half expected that as I rounded the corner to position the car for my guilty plane-spotting experience - my first of the New Year - that I'd be alone, the only Philadelphian at the end the runway to watch the first landing, the only person who thought it a notable event. But, no, there must have been 50 or so aviation enthusiasts, many with radios linked to the control tower, almost all with impressive camera equipment, and all shapes and sizes and age groups, all connected by an appreciation for this magnificent piece of machinery. Not sure what was the bigger happening, the jet landing or the crowd that had assembled. To my lights, a great morning for Philadelphia, for Qatar, for AirBus, for aviation. Glad I did it. Liked the experience so much that I returned the next morning (better weather, clearer conditions). Great stuff.
Roy Thomas 1
I flew into and out of Philadelphia for the first time this past summer. Inbound from Madrid, outbound to Orlando. Sat next to an a pilot for American Airlines/USAir (the flight was mid merger). As we waited in line to take off he explained to me that the airlines have to add a full 50 minutes to all their flights leaving Philadelphia due to the lines that stack up. He said that when the wind is from the wrong direction they have to alternate with traffic with JFK making the delay all the worse.Not sure this is the airport I would choose to showcase my new service.


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