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Live Weather and Traffic for less than $120

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For decades, the homebuilt movement has allowed pilots affordable access to the latest in aircraft technology. One area where it hasn’t always been so prominent is in the field of cockpit electronics. Now, however, several talented programmers have begun turning inexpensive, off-the-shelf parts into very useful gadgets that take the place of commercial devices costing many times more. ( Mais...

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Mark Miller 2
I removed the blue plastic housing from the dongles and the two fit side by side nicely. I packaged the circuit board and dongles in a plastic housing and all works great!
jagerardi 0
One thing they mention in the article is that you can add a second DTV dongle for the 1090 freq: that ain't gonna happen- the dongle is too wide for a second tuner to fit in the Pi's USB ports AND to have the WiFi dongle, no matter how small the WiFi is.

Aside from that, they work like a charm- I've been building and giving them as Christmas gifts. You can even find a no-name tuner on eBay for $7.75, making it even less expensive.

And they work with FltPl Go. Just remember that the ADS-B on these operate on port 4000 when setting up FltPln Go's connectivity to work with them, and Bob's your uncle.

alan curtis 2
You'd need a short USB extension cable. My dongle is currently running on a 10 foot extension so a 6" extension to get more room should be no problem.
RomeoTango 2
Or take the plastic covers off the dongles.


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