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Delta’s new Airbus A330-300 takeoff video

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With 10 state-of-the-art A330 Airbus airplanes joining Delta’s fleet over the next two years, the airline saw an opportunity to tell a story of an innovative aircraft. And how Delta Marketing told that story was just as cutting edge. Equipped with top-notch technology, the A330-300 can fly farther while consuming less fuel than its predecessors. It also features best-in-class onboard features, including flat-bed seats and premium entertainment, reflecting Delta’s efforts to provide a superior… ( Mais...

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sharon bias 1
Nice video
Terry Briggs 1
For those interested here are FA tracks from KATL to KMHV, the flights at KMHV & the return to KATL (via KLAX). Tail N822NW.
Patrick Pearce 1
This will be the only Airbus in the Delta fleet I believe.
David Sims 3
Not according to this.
iFlyGr8 1
DL is going to grow it's Airbus fleet. 45 A320NEO's and A321's plus the A350 all BEFORE their 787, and plus they're easing up on the 739 orders. So much for supporting Seattle.
Patrick Pearce 1
Great! Thank you for the link. I am a Boeing fan but Airbus provides quality aircraft as well.


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