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FlightAware Reaches New Heights with MLAT Aircraft Tracking

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LAS VEGAS – November 17, 2015 – FlightAware is announcing a major innovation in global flight tracking with its launch of multilateration (MLAT) tracking of aircraft without ADS-B, an industry first for business aviation. Leveraging FlightAware’s network of over 4,000 receivers in more than 110 countries, FlightAware now offers live flight tracking positions for non-ADS-B equipped aircraft by using multilateration (MLAT) of Mode S transponder signals. When a non-ADS-B aircraft is within line of… ( Mais...

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vinicius325 3
I understand that the MLAT will be active and released the new flightfeeeder in the next month of December?
alan curtis 2
MLAT has been active on my piaware feeder for over a month. I guess this announcement means that they are going to more officially use the data... it must have passed some quality control.
ramonbh 1
The MLAT in piaware already have a few months that is active, but not accepted FlightAware network.
I believe that will accept the MLAT piaware because in december should already be available, too, MLAT in flightfeeder's that will be added.
David Stark 1
I wonder if they will charge for it. Planeplotter has been doing MLAT for years.
Dean Johnson 0


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