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Watch the Last Flight of a Legendary British Bomber Plane

It’s over. Nobody will ever watch The Spirit of Great Britain’s elegant delta shape silhouette fly again. XH558, the last flying example of the British Avro Vulcan strategic bombers, took-off for her final flight on the 28th of October, 2015. Here is gifset made of the short 15 minute farewell flight and the plane’s final landing. ( More...

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Apparently, if I subscribe to the channel, I can watch it for free. After that, $6.99 a month to watch it. Ouch.
Jack Carson 1
This video is 54 minutes long. Taxi is at 18:20, take off roll at 29:35 and landing is at 49:00. She does a wide circuit at Robin Hood Airport. Beautiful aircraft built in 1952.
counterspin 1
Pay to watch? And free promotional spam posted here? Ludicrous.
Thomas Craig 1
Just another way to flood us with commercials. Never did see the Legendary Flight.


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