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107 feet of fire-breathing titanium

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A US Air Force major describes flying the fastest plane in history ( Mais...

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sparkie624 2
Very nice... Great article. Thanks for sharing.
oowmmr 1
I love that one and was just as grand reading it again!!
ilove2swim 1
Keith Anderson 1
Fabulous aircraft but wasn't the X-15 the fastest plane in history ?
oowmmr 2
I think so. The scram jets have no pilots, yet...
jbqwik 1
X-15 was rocket powered, went over 4,500 mph. The "X" means experimental, was research only.

WhiteKnight77 1
They were always a sight to see when flying around Okinawa. At night, some missions had the flight path over the base I was stationed at 5 miles from Kadena. All you would often see was the bottom rotating beacon as well as 2 blue-white cones of fire flying overhead about 20,000'. I was so surprised that the hanger for them was located so close to the main road up the west side of the island.
Incredible ! I love reading about it in my Chalet by the sea in SRI LANKA.
I bought his book in late 1992 at some event where he autographed it. Now they're $300 and up, if you can find them. A great book, with gorgeous photography by the author.
Chuck Masirovits 1
One of the best stories Maj. Shul told was listening to a Cessna and an F-18 asking for a ground speed check. Of course they had to ask for one also. Can't duplicate it here, but I'm sure you can look it up on Google. Hilarious story.
gabriel geralnik 1
Amazing description of a near miss tragedy and the way Shul admits his almost fatal error paint him as the real hero he is.
siriusloon 0
Google to see what his fellow pilots thought of him, both as a pilot and for publishing classified info in his books. I think you'll find they don't share your, and Shul's, opinion of Shul as a "real hero".
jbqwik 1
It was and is an incredible plane, and the entire history of the program is right out of Mission, Impossible.
Stated and/or published top speed that I have seen are well below actual speeds I personally witnessed while clandestinely tracking a training flight from western Idaho over the Pacific. Any such tracking, btw, was strictly forbidden.
Because -71 flights were only loosely monitored, I have to wonder just how far some pilot somewhere might have pushed the throttles?
siriusloon 0
It didn't "breathe fire". It took in air and combined it with fuel. The fire came out the other end.
Tim Marks 3
Suck - Squeeze - Bang - Blow as all dinosaur powered engines do....but the P&W J58 was an engineering marvel at using all that dino juice.


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