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Barefoot Bandit: The saga continues

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A teenage fugitive wanted by the FBI, and now being hunted by police in Abaco, is believed to have stolen and ditched the single-engine aircraft found in Sandy Point on Sunday. Colton Harris-Moore, 19, who is also known as the Barefoot Bandit, has more than 40,000 fans on the Facebook social networking website. ( Mais...

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Jeff Fillebrown 0
this kid just keeps digging a deep hole
UpsidedownFlyer 0
This may be fun and games to him, but the owners of the cars, homes and aircraft he has broken into or damaged are not amused. The largest threat is to the general public from a mistake in the cockpit by a non-licensed, VERY inexperienced person pretending (somewhat successfully) to be a pilot. Rarily do aircraft accidents only effect those on board. The FBI needs to step their efforts up several notches....quickly! Looking into cameras from the scene of an aircrash saying, "we almost got him" would be a tavesty.
It would be of NO surprise, should this Bozo be caught that he tells the police; "I learned to fly using, Microsoft Flightsimulator X" .. As Microsoft brags ... "As real as it gets" .. I have used it myself, and had licensed pilots tells me, they were unable to do landings, that I was able to do, and ... no .. I am not licensed to fly.
Matt McCaskey 0
If you look at the flight record for N660BA, the last flight leaving Monroe was to KSSI, Brunswick Georgia. An almost direct line extension past that airport puts you in and around Grand Bahama Island/Abaco. Given the range of the Cessna and the approximate length between Bloomington and the location of the plane, it's a wonder if he simply knows how to find a pre-programmed flight course and then crash land the plane when it runs out of fuel...


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