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Bombardier CS300 takes off for 1st test flight

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Bombardier saw one of its CS300 jets take off from Mirabel airport in Montreal today, the first time the company's larger CSeries plane has taken to the skies. ( Mais...

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gclow 4
Took off at 11:00AM - trackable on FR24 as BBA507.
Congratulations to Bombardier!
Kevin Brown 2
It is interesting that the chase plane was a CRJ 1000 painted in American Airlines livery. I wonder if that foreshadows a big order for CSeries from American Airlines is in the works?
Are you sure that it was a CRJ-1000? American does not currently operate the CRJ-1000. Perhaps it was a CRJ-900 or it might be that American is soon to take delivery of a CRJ-1000?
Kevin Brown 3
It was a 900. My mistake. Still a curious choice for a chase plane
Dan Moldenhauer 2
One of the Bombardier statements I read mentioned the chase plane being a 900 so I believe you're correct
Phil Knox 1
Bombardier statement regarding the chase plane:-
Alden Sewell 1
Nice to see an aviation company in Canada actually flourishing . DL ACRFT> INSP> RET.
Wolfgang Prigge 1
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Bombardier CS300: first flight confirmed for today, February 27

Bombardier confirmed the first flight of its CS300 for today, February 27, at Mirabel, near Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Wolfgang Prigge 3
Why would that be a duplicate even if it was posted 4 hours earlier?
Jan F 2
The moderators have no idea what they're doing 99% of the time.
Phil Knox 1
Kevin Wilson 1
Are they test flights in Salina KS?
Kevin Wilson 1
Sorry about that question. Are they test flying in an out of Salina KS? That Aircraft was buzzing my house for two days. Beautiful plane.
David James 1
Kevin Wilson 1
Going over to Salina Regional Airport today. If that CS 300 fly's over today I want picture's.
David Davies 1
Bombardier is in need of moral support and financial support
from all Canadians. This is a manufacturer born and bred in
Canada, and we need to take a greater interest. Bombardier
could rank as one of the worlds best in the field of aviation.
Now is the time to buy their shares. This CS series is going
to make them a lot of money.
Curt Anderson 1
Congrats to Bombardier and the engine supplier Pratt & Whitney!!
Gary Butt 1
Bombardier make some great aircraft, the old Dash 8 series is a good reliable, relatively fast & comfortable workhorse for the shorter milk run type routes.
SmokedChops 1
(Not A Duplicate Squawk)

That is pretty cool!
Haha I like your humor!
pilotjag 0
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Weather Delays First Bombardier CS300 Flight

Bombardier has postponed the first flight of the larger version of its CSeries aircraft, citing weather.
Jan F 0
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Bombardier CS300 makes its first flight

Bombardier's larger CSeries jet took off for the first time on Friday, a milestone for the Canadian aircraft manufacturer's largest plane.
Scott Campbell -1
Yep DOUG PARKER ass kissing !
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CS300 completes maiden flight

The first prototype of the Bombardier CS300 airliner has completed its maiden flight successfully.

The flight lasting more than 2 hours verified the airworthiness of the larger airframe and basic flight controls.
Phil Knox -2
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CSeries 300 - first flight out of YMX today!

The Bombardier CSeries 300 finally gets airborne at Montreal's Mirabel airport!


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