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Alan Eustace Jumps From Stratosphere, Breaking Felix Baumgartner’s World Record

No idea that this jump was being planned or was going to take place! ( More...

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ADXbear 4
JMHO, a jump of this magnitude should not be kept to themselves. I'd like to see the full videos, and appreciate his not wanting to involve his company from a PR stand point.. but this is significant and mans a lot to the aviation community.

I'm looking forward to seeing his full descriptions and videos..
joel wiley 4
. . . and was back in time for an afternoon conference call after taking a half-day of personal leave.
Lydia Jaklic 3
So, its Felixs turn again!
michadm1 0
Felix said he was done jumping for a record, of course that was prior to Eustace's supposed record jump. I think Felix may be persuaded if Red Bull shows the big $$$$ again. Felix is a cool dude and the way he promoted the jump and on live TV was the best.
michadm1 1
I just don't understand why a company that is always in the limelight and one of the largest tech companies in the world would have a senior executive make a historic jump without any fanfare and almost total secrecy.

In the article it states:
He carried modest GoPro cameras aloft, connected to his ground-control center by an off-the-shelf radio.

If he had modest(have no clue why that word was used)GoPro camera's with him then why just a video of him apparently way up in the stratosphere looking like something from the movie Galaxy, then video cuts away to landing from someone else's camera. Maybe Alan Eustace will show the complete video at the next Google Shareholders meeting.
michadm1 2
Gee should have proof read my comment, the movie was Gravity not Galaxy
That's how Google usually innovates - quietly. Then Samsung or Apple make their own version, advertise with fanfare, and take all credit. Let's now wait for a Tim Cook's keynote live from the Earth's stratosphere. ;)
Victor Engel 1
I'm disappointed there was not more to the video. How about a google glass view of the trip down?
Mark Holm 1
Come on, both Baumgartner and Eustace are just copycats. Kittinger was the pioneer. A few thousand feet higher, at that altitude is pretty meaningless.
patrick baker 0
Felix's jump had far more panache, Alan's seemed so corporate, Both men had unique views and a stunning free fall. This is a tribute to perfectly operating equipment. and a strong dose of courage by both men. Felix: you 'da man...I have accumulated many hundreds of flights as a jump pilot, and can report the passion of skydivers is like nothing else. Also the parties are like nothing else.

[This poster has been suspended.]

joel wiley 2
Felix had more panache, as did P.T. Barnum. Felix's was a barnstorming show. Sort of like the IMAX ascent of Everest.
Alan's merely a quiet accomplishment in the tradition of Mallory, Irvine, Hillary, and Tenzing.
JW Wilson 1
...and Yeager? Seems like Gen. Yeager just "went out and did it" too.
dennis melton 1
Yeah, the parties are much more dangerous!!
Pia Edborg -3
Oh, poop on you, Alan Eustace, you're not nearly as good-looking at Felix Baumgartner, and your landing sucked! ;)
Pia Edborg 1
Dear esteemed pilots & other readers,

I did not post this, but I know who did. I had logged in to ask a question about the ascent (which has since then been answered), but was side-tracked and didn't get around to post it, so my friend's daughter (who's been a Felix fan ever since she first laid eyes on him) apparently decided to post a comment for me! So even though I agree with her on both counts, I do realize that neither is of any importance whatsoever when discussing a jump from the stratosphere, so please accept my apologies for her silly post!
stevencercy 1
Epic face-plant
joel wiley 1
you are cordially invited to demonstrate a pirouette in a couple hundred pound suit 8-)
Pileits -3
YAWN, just another jumper!


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