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Flight attendant refused to hang Army Ranger's uniform jacket

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Passengers onboard a U.S. Airways flight from Portland, Oregon to Charlotte were outraged after they said a flight attendant mistreated an Army Ranger Thursday morning. ( Mais...

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Charles Arkens 2
First: Thank you First Sergeant Albert Marle for your service. Now: Dear U.S. Airways, your flight attendant followed the company rules to a "T", perfect. May prove you have a great training program however not very customer friendly or smart. This was a very simple request which sounds like it was supported by many of the passengers. My thanks to the second flight attendant for taking the request. If I owned an airlines I would do everything possible to have those who serve on my flight in uniform. No matter of the rank, these are the people who put their life on the line which gives U.S. Airways the right to say, no mater how stupid, The Freedom To Say NO. How about rethinking this one U.S. Airways.
Member, 101st. Airborne U.S. Army

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Charles Arkens 1
The point was they do hang up First Class passengers coats.
TRPD304 0
Wow! What a piece of trash you are ma'am. i can't beleive you would actually say that openly. I can't imagine you have many friends with that attitude toward our country's brave soldiers. Not to mention an aspiring medical doctor.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
I understand rules are rules, but respect is respect. I don't care if the individual is an E-1 or an O-10, if they want their dress uniform jacket hung in the closet, then their dress uniform jacket should be hung in the closet. Perhaps after the AWE/AAL merger is completed, that flight attendant may find her routes reduced.
steven fontaine 1
what's the problem? I don't see the problem. I see a crybaby Army Master Sergeant with a jacket load of chest candy and bling. While MSgt's may warrant additional care and feeding on post, off post it does not apply. OTOH - it could be a case of "Stolen Valor" - someone masquerading as an Army Master Sergeant with all that chest candy and bling... Really folks, a true NCO would be able to take care of himself and ensure his uniform blouse does not get wrinkly in the overheads. Major League over reaction here.
Bernie20910 1
Did you even bother to read anything about the incident, or did you just let your assumptions run wild because you have no respect for our military members?

Since you're either too lazy to read the info, watch the countless news videos about it, or are just incapable of understanding it, let me help you out a little.

The only ones who made a fuss over this were the other passengers. He asked, politely, if he could hang his jacket and was told he couldn't. He accepted that answer, made no fuss or comment, and walked away. It was the pax in first class who were outraged and who made this into a news item. He wanted nothing to do with it and has refused to make any comments about it since then.

His rank is First Sergeant, and if you seriously want to make the kind of accusation you're making, that he's "masquerading", I'm sure that there's a whole bunch of Army Rangers who would be happy to explain to you why that's a bad thing to do without any proof whatsoever.
steven fontaine 1
Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I can honestly say I did NOT see the diamond. All I could make out on the video were the Stripes and 3 Rockers = E8 or Master Sergeant (absent Diamond).

How many enlisted folks do you see these days flying in "Utility" uniforms vs "Class A" or Dress Uniform? Time was when all MIL pax had to be in a "class A" uniform. "Utility" uniforms were worn only between home and place of duty. Now ..
TRPD304 0
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US Airways flight attendant on the hot seat

A US Airways flight attendant refused a reasonable request from a US Army Ranger and US Airways is now getting slammed.


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