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Virgin Atlantic pilots land on runway awash with debris

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A Virgin Atlantic A330 was damaged by debris while landing in St. Lucia on Christmas Eve. A storm left water, mud and debris on the runway which caused considerable damage to the aircraft. ( Mais...

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Darren Wilson 4
The flight was a shared service with TAB and UVF to LGW. So it was due to pick up more passengers at UVF. We can speculate at this point but I was there and it could've been a much worse end result. Let's be thankful for that. That apocalyptic weather did some serious damage to our island.
joel wiley 3
Thanks for the local perspective.
Ron271 1
18 passengers on a a330?
Herb Green 1
That was a real loser of a flight. Carry only 18 passengers plus get your aircraft damaged.
Phil Knox 1
Perhaps it's time to build a larger culvert?
Surely if it was awash with debris, you'd see it and not land???
nbukrey 1
I believe it was at night..
joel wiley 1
Brown, under muddy water landing lights might have been a clue?
Washed away approach lighting?


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