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Praying passenger diverts flight from Denver to DC

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A United Airlines flight from Denver has landed safely in Washington, D.C., after its crew reported an emergency because a passenger began praying in an aisle. KUSA-TV reports the plane was escorted by military jets after the crew declared the emergency. The plane landed Thursday at Dulles International Airport. ( Mais...

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Dave Kaplan 8
I wonder if people realize when they look out the window, and see a fighter aircraft next to them, the only purpose for the fighter is kill them all?
Peter Douglas 7
Isn't this just a tad of an over-reaction?
Jerry Ryan 1
You have a person, praying IN the aisle, not listening to the flight attendant.... How is it overreacting? Praying is fine, however, there are certain times & places where things become inappropriate. Yell fire in your own home by yourself, no problem... Yell fire in a crowded theater, completely different. What do terrorists tend to do just before completing their mission? Are you really willing to take that chance with a non-complaint person? In all the flights I've ever been on, not ONCE have I ever seen a person physically in the aisle praying...
FedExCargoPilot 2
Or it could be a fearful flyer, there isn't much you can do but pray to the engineers and the autopilot. I think F/A overreacted, the fighter outside the plane probably scared the crap out of people, made an unnecessary scene, What were they going to do? Take a hit at it over DC? A diversion yes, but an escort no, its the Captains decision, not the F/As. F/A should have gone back to her seat.
Don Thomson 5
Only ONCE, did I seriously pray on a flight -- heavy turbulence over the Caribbean. My stomach was soooo tossed up & down. Wasn't sure if we'd make to land or the into the drink. Of course I WOULD have been in the isle if it weren't for being belted in my seat...

I wasn't the PIC, but damn, I would have LOVED an escort to safe haven at that point. LOL
Beth Ferrier 4
Lockheed Tristar, you sound like the kind of Muslim we don't mind having in North America. I only wish the terrorists had your beliefs. I also wonder why there is not more vocal opposition from the Muslim community when these acts of terrorism in the past have been done. I know that "our" God, wether Allah or otherwise does not condone this.

[This poster has been suspended.]

sparkie624 -1
I Partially agree with you... Like I said depends on who they are praying too, and sometimes what they are praying about... Praying in the center isle while in flight is definitely not in the norm to say the least. I also agree with you in what else you did not want to see and I have to say some people on planes have shown it off to others in flight...
dg1941 3
It seems like people automatically associate religion and aviation as muslim, and that if a muslim is being different on a plane, that it is a threat. Why do we do this? Just because the 9/11 attacks were by Al-Qaeda militants who were muslim, does that mean that we have to automatically associate all muslims as dangerous? Our country really started in the first place as a safe-haven for outcasted religions, not a place to persecute.
dg1941 2
I think that if we have freedom of religion here, then everyone has the right to do what that religion believes as long as it doesn't endanger others. Would the same have happened if someone had been crossing themselves or folding their hands? Granted it is not normal to do such things in the aisle, but is it really that much of a threat? In my opinion this is an over-reaction.
Andy Tyler 2
blocking an aisle during a landing is threatening the safety of everybody on the plane. Freedom of religion yes, but within reason.
dg1941 2
But is that still reason to divert and get a fighter escort?
Andy Tyler -1
if a passenger is not following instructions then you never know what they might be doing. I'm pretty sure the 9/11 hijackers prayed before crashing the planes too. Better safe than sorry sadly, especially when you have uncooperative passengers. And a fighter escort over DC airspace? Absolutely, it's only 10 minutes from Dulles to downtown washington, a lot can happen.
dg1941 0
And this is the fine line between a routine disruption and a threat. The key is to learn to identify it. A big part of the problem is what was he praying for. Granted, if it were in another language that is a reason for suspicion. The article never said anything about that, but it didn't explain who he was praying to either. For all we know, he could have been praying to St. Mary in latin.
Andy Tyler 1
true that, but terrorists are unpredictable so the better safe than sorry approach, which generally doesn't work in real life, is better used in aviation. There's not many contingency plans in the air.
Lockheed Tristar 2
People are way tooo much today. They prayed they prayed. Sooo what! People are way to ignorant these days.
Peter Douglas 1
If a terrorist gets his bomb past all the security, and is on the plane with the bomb, all the 'waving the flag' actions won't help. What the situation probably needed was an authoritative person actually saying (loudly enough for even the most deep-in-prayer passenger) something like 'SIT DOWN' followed by a rather forceful physical action like slapping/poking/pushing the praying passenger! If that person was a terrorist, it wouldn't make any difference, but if he/she was just a frightened passenger, the situation would be resolved, and the considerable expense of the fighter escort, and the stress levels of passengers/crew on the plane, would be reduced substantially.

The whole concept of a fighter scramble/escort is useless. What is the fighter pilot going to do - actually shoot a plane down? Only if the terrorist situation is 'real', and by then it's too late for the passengers anyway!
Andy Tyler 1
Given that they were in Washington D.C. airspace, yes a fighter escort was probably necessary, given that anything can happen in a split second.
Anson Cadogan 0
Are you effing kidding me? Ignorance and prejudice is alive and well I see.
Anson Cadogan 0
"are" alive and well. sheesh.
sparkie624 0
Wonder who he was praying to... The God Above, or Alah... I am very much a praying person and I pray many times a day... many times I do so just seated, and I pray to the lord above. I cannot fault a person for praying (depending who they are praying to :) ), but I can fault a person for not following instructions of a Flight Attendant.
Muslims worship the same God that Christians and Jews do; "Allah" (note correct spelling) is simply an Arabic word meaning "lord."
sparkie624 -3
I tend to disagree with you.. that may be what they say, but no where in the bible does it say anything about having 70 virgins if they were killed in the line of duty. Give me a break on that one.
Andy Tyler 2
The bible acknowledges Mohammed, the messiah of the Muslim people. Your ignorance is amazing. Just like the koran acknowledges Jesus as the son of God. The bible also says a woman has to marry her rapist, and if you were to point out where in the Koran you get "70 virgins" for "dying in the line of duty" please let me know.
Lockheed Tristar 2
I am a muslim and fly everyday. I have worked for 32 years as a captain and am a muslim. All that you just said is a hoax. How peaceful and clean islam is non of the other religions are within reach. I believe in all the religions and have respect for all of them. Gather the right facts before you show your level of knowledge.
Ric Wernicke -1
If God knew you were hurling through the air at an astonishing speed thousands of feet off the groud I am sure he would grant dipensation from prayer until back on terra firma. He is an understanding God, and has allowed us to determine people that ignore their dispensation shall pray with their cellie in the coming years.
Mr Aflac 1
shut up. lets remember what Al Queda did on 9/11, they yelled "ALLAH ALLAH". id be scared if i saw someone praying in the aisle.
wil acevedo 0
"Because they hate" by Brigitte Gabriel Read it maybe 9-11 will make sense to you.
Joseph Howes 0
praying is fine but its not an emergency is it unless it was during an important announcement
James Driskell -1
Much to do about NOTHING!


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