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Fliers caught in crossfire between American Airlines, pilots

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American Airlines, stung by deteriorating flight operations, said over the weekend that it wanted to resume talks with its pilots union. The carrier has blamed pilots for a recent spate of delays and cancellations that began shortly after a bankruptcy judge let American void its pilots contract and impose new terms. ( Mais...

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s l 3
Nice to Know, i have to fly american from Japan to the states in a few days
John Smith 3
All airlines have a labor dispute. However, both American's management and unions fail to recognize their customers are the "good guys" during their disputes and have lost business over the years including business from my company. Who wants to fly on a dirty old MD-83 that's running late with rude flight attendants? American Eagle is terrible as well.

If my business does not make the best product with the best customer service we go out of business. The time has come to put American in the archives with TWA, Eastern, and Pan Am. Let Virgin America and Jet Blue take their place.
Kevin Haiduk 2
My AA flight yesterday (which was late) seemed that the flight attendants were trying to blame it on the pilots. The FA's were trying to be as nice as could be, and actually mentioned on the PA they didn't want to be blamed for the plane being late. But sitting on a hot MD-80 at DFW was awful.
(v)e Same 4
Ohhh, Ohhh, and lemmie tell ya what happens next. The ramp / gate / counter agents all get even more pay cuts to nearly minimum wage and the flight crews and management fight over who gets the spoils of war.. Too bad they weren't smart enough to make an industry wide union spanning nearly all the airlines, huh? On the bright side, I'm sure all the bare bones, knuckle dragging, "hire anyone with a pulse" services are drooling over who gets the new ground contracts. Guess SWA is the last hope for anyone not in management or a flight crew.
preacher1 1
Seems like I read sometime back that all the rest had already settled, that it was just the pilots holding out. Oh Well, it will all be interesting.
Herb Fischer 2
How about THIS to be outraged about? I am currently drawing retirement checks from PBGC, a government agency, that is partially covering the pension obligations of two "Bankrupt" Airlines. The first- Pan Am- became a legitimate bankruptcy. The second was, IMHO, a blatant ruse by Management to transfer their pension obligations to the Taxpayer. In the process, my "ESOP" Fund, which was almost $250,000 in Stock in lieu of pay, became virtually worthless. You will have to search long and hard to find very many Professional Pilots who have the slightest respect for the integrity of Airline Management.

Even more problematic is the future of the Piloting Profession and, therefore, the Airlines themselves. Sure, today they have a Captive Audience. As someone said, any job is better than no job- but look at today's young person considering a Career in Aviation. Is a senior O-3 or junior O-4 Military Aviator going to leave the Service for what the Airlines are becoming? Is the Civilian going to sweat through the Ratings, Flight Instructing, Air Taxi, Regionals on Food Stamps without the possibility of that top of the Food Chain 747/777 Job? With High School Grads making $50,000 p.a. in the Left Seat, they had better start working on an airplane that can not only, as the ignorant believe, "fly itself"- they'd better build one that can think for itself, too.
sparkie624 1
I agree with you... As a mechanic from a Bankrupt airline, I get a PBGC Retirement as well. Not much, but it pays all of my House Payment and Property taxes.... It is better than not having nothing at all.
Chris Matsukes 1
Hell you are lucky you even have your retirements left but yes flight does not seem to be the place to be but to start at 50,000 that is good pay for a graduate
preacher1 2
It will really get ugly befor it's over with. Pilots will probably take a hit as they already have and as other groups have already done recently but if it all comes together, management needs to maintain a very low profile and show some appreciation. They have a stake in this too. IMHO
Chuck Underwood 2
It hit me today. My 5:15 arrival into RDU has been cancelled. I have been put on the next flight that has an arrival of after 10:00PM. I write this in Friday, the flight is Monday. I received an email saying they are cutting back about 2% of the flights, but I don't mind telling you I am not happy about it.
joel wiley 4
2% are light casualties. However, 'light casualties' are never light to the casualties.
Chuck Underwood 3
I should mention that I fly this route about every other week and, regardless of time of day or day of week, it is ALWAYS at least 95% full.
preacher1 1
I might add that I have flown in/out of there many times, though not that regular, out of DFW. Most times it was a 767 or 77 and as you say, it was pretty full, going or coming.
Chris Matsukes 1
You can cancel now with no charge and get your refund and book another airlines just to let you know
preacher1 3
Well, there are several things that come out in this article:

AA does have an older fleet and the maintenance thing may be halfway viable. Maintenance calls generally won't come except prior to pusback nad until they are pushed back, they aren't on the clock. That said, there are always some hotheads that seem to want to make a point anyway they can.

1 delay can have a domino effect across the system.

Filght postponement or changing to another airline is just another coffin nail and they definitely don't need it right now.

It is not anything that hasn't been done at other airlines while they work thru BR, and it will be done the Airline's way in most cases, and labor needs to decide if they want A job or NO job. That's harsh but it is reality!
JD345 3
Can we at least get to the point where everybody can openly admit that unions are as duplicitous as everyone else?
Scott Keller 1
These stories sound more to me like my experiences with USAIRWAYS. They're horrible. I started flying American more regularly in July and I've actually been pretty happy with them...even started using the "L" in love to fly them when the route works. The pilots and cabin crew always seem happy and the gate ops are efficient. I've only been flying the Dallas (sometimes Miami) routes, though, so maybe that something to do with it.
Navy65 1
ALL this American Airlines scenario is a rehash of the exact same rhetoric three decades ago about Eastern Airlines
sparkie624 1
This is not what American needs right now... there will be union issues that will only serve to weaken and bring a quicker demise to the airline.
Wingscrubber 1
Well it's too late for me, I'm waiting at the gate, relying on this airline to take me halfway accross the country and back again this week.
I think I'm going to end up stranded somewhere between here and my destination, if not on the way out, probably on the way back.
Wingscrubber 1
Made it to and from my destination with no problems hooray! Thank you for not striking AA pilots!
Chris Gilbert 1
United is headed in the same direction with Smisuck at the helm. Take heed, UAL.
linda turbide 1
I believe that the title of the article should have been different. It seems that poor journalism continues. I am sure all employees want a positive outcome for passengers and themselves.
Ronald Uppstrom 1
Keep up the good work American Air Lines. If you cannot take care of your empolyees, this is why you are going bankrup and you will be flying no more under American Air Lines. Look what happen at TWA, Pam Am, Eastern Airlines, etc.
blake1023 1
Wow! There must be some SERIOUS health problems at AA!! Where is OSHA and DOT?? If these airplanes are so dirty, and crew members are dropping like flies; why don't hear any stories about PAX getting sick!?!?!?!?
blake1023 0
and if MX is of these airplanes is so god awful! Report it to the FAA and DOT!! Also, why do they continue to fly an "Unsafe" airplane!?! I guess the airplanes somehow got the memo there is a labor problem. So the airplanes all talked to each other and decided to all break at the same time. How stupid does union think management is?
btweston 1
Are you suggesting that labor somehow owes something to management? Seems to me that American Airlines is a poorly run organization and the chickens are coming home to roost.

Pretending not to understand something doesn't make you look smart.
blake1023 0
Okay, want to bash management.... I'd like to see you run the airline? Let see how you do? Here you have a company, hires 87k employees, 3400 flights worldwide, $27 billion in revenue, the FAA, oil prices $100 a barrel, and in BR court. You think your so smart, let see it CEO btweston!!

I'm suggesting that one work group is going to bring down the whole damn company. You think pax like having their flights cancelled?! The union could give a damn about the pax, non union workers, or anything else!! Its not management flying the airplanes FYI! Since american is poorly ran, should they close the doors? Then who win??? Not the pilots! Not the FAs! Not the pax! Not non union workers! Not the world economy! and yes, not even Management!
preacher1 1
My reply up above was to you. This page went ballistic as ALL comments and replies are jumbled
preacher1 1
It may just be that he hasn't updated his credentials on here but I like the opinion of another ATP rather than someone who posts none. I personally believe you hit the nail on the head with some points here that some folks fail to realize. That said, that is the good part about this country, in that we can all express our opinions freely. We may not change any minds but we can sure express it, even if it pisses somebody
preacher1 1
This was for blake123 below
JW Wilson 0
I never want to fly AA anytime, anywhere, for any reason. How long can you kick ALL your employees in the gut and expect them to keep smiling? AA has sucked since CR Smith left.
Sang Le 0
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American Airlines apologizes to top customers for flight woes

DALLAS (AP) - American Airlines is apologizing to its best customers for the recent increase in delayed and canceled flights.
The airline sent email messages Friday to members of its AAdvantage loyalty program saying it was sorry for the inconvenience.
Vishan Persaud 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Why you might not want to fly American right now

If you have plans to fly American Airlines this fall you may want to reconsider.

As American works through its bankruptcy proceedings, labor strife between the pilots and management is starting to heat up --and passengers are beginning to pay the price.


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