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Stranded Jetskier Walks Across JFK Runways, Into Terminal Undetected

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$100 million dollar price tag of the security system..... ( Mais...

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linbb 15
Why in the hell was he charged with anything??? He should get something for his trouble as the makers and user of the security system should get a big fine for not checking and having safeguards that make sure the system is up and operating properly.
preacher1 5
More than likely there were NO TRESPASS signs hanging on the fence, which made him eligible for the charge but for sensors and cameras to be effective, someone has to monitor them. They can show everything and sound all kinds of alarms but if nobody is monitoring them, they are useless. Instead of going after Raytheon and telling them they had a bad system, they need to be looking at who was supposed to be monitoring them. They left out that part of the story.
No kidding. The Authority guy must have been asleep. Or watching porn instead of his cameras.
pnschi 2
I don't think a system like this is designed to work by having people watch camera views continuously - you would have to simultaneously watch hundreds of views, given the huger perimeter. So there was probably a failure of some automatic alarm. Maybe some sensor was turned off, or made less sensitive, because seagulls kept tripping it.

But why do people automatically assume the failure is with the last guy in the chain? Maybe the failure has more to do with a company that made millions in profits cashing in on the security spending windfall?
It takes boots on the ground for enforcement. Even if the system worked nothing happens until somebody shows up. Looks like your profit motive theory is correct. And now that the system is aging and doesn't work we can spend millions on maintainence.
pnschi 1
I'm not even saying I know it's related to a profit motive, or where the fault lies. I'm saying it doesn't make sense to automatically assume the fault is with the last person in the chain.
Bottom line is it didn't work. This is probably the first intrusion since installation.
Isia Maria 1
Those charges better be dropped. If I'm picturing the area right then he had little choice but to trespass or swim for it. Unless he was just on the edge and could have slogged across a bit of wetlands to "civilization". I think I would have tried walking to the terminal as well. Flat, cleared land, with large, easy to spot hazards, compared to mud, reads, water, underwater metal.

Do the authorities get that he could have likely easily walked out of the airport and no one would have known about the breach? Instead he approached a Delta agent and told them what happened. Of course it's spun that the agent "alerted the authorities" when HE's the one who alerted the authorities by going to the agent in the first place. Next time someone else will keep their mouth shut, skulk off, and leave the barn unlocked.
Peter Tebault 9
$100mln. My math is 100 years salary at $50k for 20 folks who could... Get this... Literally walk around and do useful things like watch for out of the ordinary people, pick up trash, even help stranded jet skiers. Instead the good people of New York get the hysterical fear peddling Congress man.

Let this sink in. A stranded jet skier is beached at a very busy airport. He can't get anyone's attention. In desperation he goes to find help. This is not All Qaeda. This is Bob from Queens. Help him.
pnschi 2
And it was a Delta employee who finally "detected" him.
Ralph Bernstein 1
Hello Peter - Check your math, 100 years at 50K is 1/100 th of the 100M price. So the answer would be 2,000 people at 50K. Thanks your comment. Ralph
bighoss81 17
He got charged for making the TSA look bad.
Jeremy Kudlick 3
TSA isn't responsible for perimeter security. The Port Authority is responsible for perimeter security, and TSA ensures they are complying with the USC and CFR.
cranston harris 1
ok so why aren't they stepping on the port authority's oxygen hose
preacher1 1
It's too easy to crucify an individual. He shouldn't have dared to have done that.:(:(:(:(:
Will be interesting to see how far they take charges against this guy. His freedom and jetski are in peril. You don't expect them to admit to making a mountain out of a molehill do you?
More airport nonsense. Common sense is out.
secondamendment 2
Classic example of why we need less government programs and more private contractors...
Peter Steitz 2
Can you imagine walking across two runways at JFK? Can you imagine a plane taxiing or taking off and seeing a wet guy probably in a bathing suit just walking across the airfield? This guy was probably thinking some one will see me and come out and give me a ride and everything will be OK when I tell them my story, right? He was probably amazed that he got all the way to the terminal and had to notify someone. I'll stay away from all the comments about security, TSA and the Port Authority. Our airport security is a complete SNAFU.
JJ Johnson 2
The TSA along with airport security was busy fondling the passengers junk and checking Grandma's diaper bag so they don't offend any Muslims they don't have time for a runway security breach
Scott Campbell 1
Raytheon can't handle a security system !! What nex, flippin morons.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
How nice of them to point out in the article that KLGA and KTEB use the same perimeter "security" system.
I bet EWR has the same too, they're all Port Authority mismanaged...
preacher1 1
As I said earlier, somebody has to watch the cameras and monitor
Peter Steitz 1
Here's the Chinese answer at Chin Chang Quan Air Base, Taiwan 1974. An armed guard in a booth at the hold short line. If he got an OK from the tower to let you pass, you were waived on. If you proceeded without that OK, he shot your tires out. If you still tried to go, he would shoot the cockpit. Simple, straightforward and cheap. I like Kevin's idea. However, 30K is too much. How about $12/hour and free meals in the employee cafeteria? What, no cafeteria? They could live in crash pads around the airport, buy their own food like aircrews and make decent $$. Problem is, if the bad guys knew this, the guards would never see anyone and get bored or maybe bought off and finally the idea would be replaced by technology. The irony of this is that it was so innocent that it worked.
Kevin Sparks 1
And all the politician can say is "we have to have an investigation" to figure out "how to improve it". As in throw more money at it! How about make whoever has the $100 million in their pocket fix the damn thing!!
For that much money, hire 3 shifts with 1100 people per shift, pay each person $30,000 per year, and set their asses around the perimeter with instructions to call if somebody walks by! lol
Michael Coutcher 1
The entire system failed. 8' wall, sensors, cameras, airport security on wheels, ATC, TSA...etc.
If a guy on a broken jet ski can do it, just wait until the bad guys show up?
William Bannan 1
where is Teeterborough?
planeaholic 2
Just north of "Navelborough," I'm guessing.
Joe Smoulder 1
About 2 miles north of the new Giants Stadium
Scott Campbell 1
Uh Next .. :)
Ric Wernicke -3
How many centuries ago was the flank attack invented? The TSA is protecting the front line, while the bad guys are streaming in the back door. We should end this theater, hire two people from EL-AL to watch every airport and screen Muslim males between the age of 17 and 41. Save most of us some time, and let everyone back into the terminal to wave goodbye at the gate.
FedExCargoPilot 3
Can't blame a whole people of a religion for this one, just pure stupidity and a incompetent gov't program, lets not be ignorant. Luckily there wasn't a crises. Security is even more present at movie theaters after Colorado believe it or not.
JJ Johnson 3
They are not really protecting the front line they are performing security theatre to satisfy Politically Correct edicts so we won't offend Muslims and people of color. They are also building another Government monstrosity of a bureaucracy. Most experts agree the TSA is a waste of money and will not protect us from an intelligent attack but they continue marching along with their charade anyway.
Ric Wernicke 3
It is time to start offending some people. Who flew four planes that killed about 3,000 people? Who put explosives in their shoe and tried to explode it in the air? Who put explosives in his underwear and attempted to explode it? Who caused the crash of a UPS 747?

I can assure you it was not the descendents of Thomas Jefferson.

Perhaps those who are offended instead of looking the other way, may self-police those persons among them that seek to kill people who will not submit to their liturgy.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Why have we tried to make our airports like Ft. Knox? Why does all this security not work as evidenced by this incident? Not relevant?

[This poster has been suspended.]

Isia Maria 1
Oh fun! It's the commonality of evil game! We could play this game for ages. Guy who shot up a movie theater? White. Guy who shot up the Sikh temple? White. Guys who shot up their school? White.

Wait a minute .... do you know what ALL the examples in this thread have in common? They are dudes.

We should end this theater, hire two people from EL-AL to watch every airport and screen males between the age of 17 and 41. Save half of us some time, and let us back into the terminal to wave goodbye at the gate. /sarcasm flag ON
Besides, crazies and terrorists are two different animals. We have always had crazies. Just something you have to accept. Common criminals kill thousands more every year than crazies. Terrorists are a type of soldier wageing war on the US but not playing by our rules. That is just one reason I always say there are no rules in war.
preacher1 1
Well said
preacher1 3
Some will probably give me a hard time for seeming to agree with you. As with a lot of groups, the Bible tells us to hate the sin but love the sinner. I have no quarrell with the people but I have a problem with a testament of their faith that says if someone disagrees with your belief, kill them.
Instead of dancing around we have to first admit what the real problem is before an effective solution can be implemented.
Ed Mentz 1
yeh,OK, but the govt also had a hugh job preventing an anti-muslim bloodbath.. whether that was good or bad remains for history to tell us...
Ed Mentz 1
Bingo! It is all about jobs for politicians' supporters and eyewash....
zennermd -3
Great job TSA... A job well done...
99NY 9
The TSA really has no say in airport ground security. The boneheaded, overpaid and largely useless Port Authority PD blew this one.
Phil Derner 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Jet Skier Breaches JFK Airport Perimeter, Wanders to Terminal 3 Undetected

A jet skier in Jamaica Bay breached a $100 million security system at JFK Airport, leaving both officials and citizens, scratching their heads.
Phil Knox 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Man walks undetected across 2 airport runways, into terminal at JFK!

Abandoned his personal watercraft in Jamaica Bay and swam to shore off JFK!
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Jetskier breaches JFK airport security after swimming ashore from vehicle

A jetskier managed to breach security at JFK International Airport and walk undetected across two runways after swimming to shore from his stricken vehicle, it was reported Monday.


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