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3 Ryanair Flights Make Emergency Landings for Low Fuel

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Look's like their ‘Minimum Fuel Policy’ Could Have Made Issues Worse. ( Mais...

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Crashes and emergency landings at an alternate is expensive too!
airspeedavmtgy 3
The cost of carrying extra fuel is a LOT less than the cost of a divert - both in money and time. Think what a divert does to the schedule for THAT particular aircraft and crew - everything is thrown off for the rest of their day. And if the crew happens to run out of duty time at their divert location, it gets even worse for everyone involved!
ToddBaldwin3 3
Flight plan + 100 gallons (give or take). That really makes me re-think flying on Ryanair, something I do quite a bit.
I would rethink also if I flew Ryanair. If you push the envelope enough times Murphy will show up.
Toby Sharp 1
100 gallons is a fart noise for a 737 doing a go around right?!
Sebrina Wade 2
Darn....what happened to safety first?
sparkie624 2
I remember one time I was working a Fuel Qty MEL (Mechanic). Dispatch sent us the plane with "Min Fuel"... As usual before sumping and draining the fuel tank, I would stick it to see where it is at. On this one, I could not do it, but I had done it a million times. I had my lead to look at it, and same thing. He said, there is not enough fuel to stick it. This is a Dash 8-100.... Glad it didn't have a Go Around. I think someone made a severe error in calculating fuel. That is less than 35 lbs of fuel.
Ev Butler 1
Quick question: Does airports charge the airline a landing fee for fuel stops like this when no passengers disembark?
Mark Poe 1
Not sure how they do it over it Europe, but here in the States you'd be paying regardless unless a previous agreement had been made with the airport authority.
Billy Ragan 1
3 flights ?? of same A/L ??
mark tufts 1
ryanair needs to re-check their policy
ms06877 1
Really, nothing unusual happened here. The crews chose to not make an approach during a thunderstorm. They held for awhile then diverted for fuel.No big deal. It happens every day. If you think every airliner is landing with hours of fuel left in the tanks, think again.
sparkie624 1
I agree... Was on SWA, on final to STL. Diverted on close thunder Went to get fuel, took off again, more stoms moved in and to redivert to still another airport to get fuel. Finally made it to STL. From there left for DAL. Got on the plane at 4:55PM, got off the plane at 5:06AM. Got to my room, and to class by 7AM. Was on the plane for over 12 hours all due to weather and fuel.
I'm trying to understand your post. Where did you get on? Where were the diverts (2 of them?) and finally why would SWA go to such trouble to land at STL? I'd think after one problem they'd just overfly and head to DAL.


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