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B-52s in the Red Flag Exercise HD

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B-52s in the Red Flag Exercise. Good cockpit video. ( Mais...

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Walt Jolliff 3
What an airplane the B-52 is. I am just amazed that it is still performing missions for the Air Force. I was with the 97th Bomb Wing at Blytheville Ark. 1959-1960 as a 21year old airman doing my small part of SAC. To know that those same planes are still up and doing the job for this country fills me with great pride and a sense of what so may after me have done to make this country strong. The commitment and professionalism shown by the many who served in that endeavor shall long remain with me as I approach my 74 Birthday.
Congratulations to those who now serve. CAVU.
JJ Johnson 2
I am a B52 vet 32150K Bomb Nav Tech USAF 1978 to 1981 19th AMS was in Red Flag in 1980, The B-52 is one bad ass machine. It still gives the enemy chills. That's a good thing.
Jim Quinn 2
Love seeing the BUFFs descending over my home here in Longview, TX inbound to Barksdale (KBAD) to our east. When I hear a slow, beautiful jet whine I know it's a B-52 headed home. Of course, being a Brat since birth and a pilot for 30+ years I cannot resist stepping outside to take a look. With God's grace I won't develop arthritis in my neck...
Gene spanos 2
God bless these AF pilots and ground crews.
I only heard and felt them while posted up along the DMZ in 1968'
U.S. Marines
sparkie624 1
Best bomber ever built... They do more than can be replaced right now... That old and still expanding... They have certainly paid for themselves over and over again.


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