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PHOTOS: Inside the Emirates Flight Catering facility in Dubai

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Many people do not stop and think about the effort it takes for an airline to prepare multiple meals for long-haul flights; it is complex operation and just one of the many aspects that airlines need to concentrate on to be successful... ( Mais...

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amahran 2
The airline itself is pretty good and staff is really considerate.
I remember once, on a long haul flight from Heathrow to Dubai aboard the A380 in economy, I was seated at the back of the aircraft, and the commence meal serving from the front to the rear. So I was obviously about last in line, save a few other passengers. By the time the attendant serving the aisle I was in reached my seat, she had only 1 beef meal and 1 chicken meal, so I passed up on the offer and told her she can give it to someone else who might need a meal more than I do. It took a bit of a while, but I managed to convince her to give me a lower priority among the passengers, upon which she left to serve the rest of the passengers. 5 minutes later, she returned to me with a spare salmon meal from first class, and I just REALLY love salmon, so I couldn't turn down the offer.
With that in mind, I remember being on multiple long haul flights, being the last passenger to receive a meal, have them run out of meals before they reach me, then throw their hands up in the air and say "welp, sorry, too bad, sit in the front next time," which is why I heavily respect Emirates and their crew.
oscar palacio 2
nice photos of catering for the airlines
Ric Wernicke 3
I love Emirates. That is a nice facility they have. In flight there is the Dom, the suites, and the showers, but I cannot get a double bacon cheeseburger. What is up with that, anyhow?
Andrew Phoon 4
My guess is that because bacon is a no-no for a muslim, so you won't find them serving any pork byproducts.
Ric Wernicke 1
I knew that Andy, I was just being funny....

Meat and dairy is not Halal either.
And I thought they didn't raise cattle and hogs in the middle east because they couldn't digest sand. :))
Nizar Mabroukeh 1
Dairy is halal definitely if no pork byproducts are added to it. Meat is halal if it was slaughtered according to halal regulations (something like kosher).
Take it from a Muslim ;)

[This poster has been suspended.]

I'd like to see the whole "top 10 reasons muslims hate us" list!

[This poster has been suspended.]

Letterman got nothing on you!!!lol
11. American women are not allowed to be beaten and raped at will.
Ralph Connell 1
I'm sure I had a veggie 'Bacon' Sausage for Breakfast on an Emirates flight once...Some strong views here..Eish! Supposed the "Reasons why Muslims hate us" was qualified with the "Top 10"..sure there's more ;-)
Katie Barker 1
Great article - always interesting to see the "interworkings" of an airline.
Katie Barker 1
I'm an airline brat - grew up on airline food. Could never understand why everyone complained! LOL
Peter Douglas 1
I want the job of wine-taster !
euronorb -2
I wonder why they didnt show how the animals have their throats slashed open while the prayer to allah Is recited as It bleeds to death. "Ritual halal slaughter"
8900rpm 2
Have you seen any American slaughterhouses? Much more humane!


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