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Classic Roush Fenway B727 Low Departure

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Its always nice to catch these birds depart only 2 times a year from Manchester Regional. NASCAR performed at the 20th annual LENOX Industrial Tools 301 this weekend just North of Manchester in Loudon, NH. Boeing 727-212(Adv) / N727NK (Roush Air) Embraer ERJ-145LR / N138DE & N500DE (Owned by Dale Earnhardt) ( Mais...

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Gordon Casey 2
We are very fortunate to have these 2 727s based here in Charlotte where I live. This same '722 flew over my office (we are only a few miles from the airport) earlier this year on departure. There is nothing like an old-school '72 to get the enthusiasm flowing.

That said, this aircraft does not have a JT8D-200 series in the center engine. That would require huge amounts of modification. They have been installed on many super 727s on positions one and three, but not on this one. It may have a JT8D-17 in the #2 spot however.

One of Roush's 721s remains in Charlotte, sadly non-airworthy however.
N519AT 2
Nothing special here, standard 727 departure profile.
Mike Francis 2
Rousch used to bring his two 727-100's into KCON for the Loudon when I worked there as a kid. Pretty impressive on a 6005' strip!!
Would had been good if we could see them racing down the run way .. side by side by side ..
Melissa Pappas 1
Don't forget...these are NASCAR guys. Now, if they were NHRA...
Chris M. 1
LOL I wish!
Gary Plomp 1
Gordon are correct and I made an error. Engines 1 and 3 have been upgraded to 217s on Fed Ex 727s and some others. Thanks for the heads up. Gary
Ed Andrade 1
I was wondering who's 727 that was. I saw it Friday when I went out to try and catch my pilot friend coming home. I snapped a picture of it with my phone's camera but it was to far away to make out the writing.
Brian Bishop 1
Nice video. Jack's 727 stay in Charlotte, while most of the rest of the "NASCAR Air Force is based in Statesville (KSVH) or Concord (KJQF). Surprisingly few are blocked. A lot of the driver's private rides are though.
I hear them on the radio comng and going anytime they head west from the CLT area. Several waypoints are really close by. (Xaver is just a few miles away.)
Gary Plomp 1
Nice B-Seven-Two,hushkitted, with #2 engine upgraded with P&W JT-8-217. Took first cross country flight on one, AA SFO to Reagan,1988. I liked the original UAL birds with occillating nav lights. Saw corporate 727-100 going into SJC last week, winglets and all,nice! Enjoyed video.......Gary
Gordon Casey 1
I believe I said that - you can re-read my original post. I said "They have been installed on many super 727s on positions one and three, but not on this one..."
toolguy105 1
At first I thought the struts on the 727 needed servicing the way it was bouncing. Then I watched the other two planes take off. It appears Manchester could use a runway resurfacing.
Ed Andrade 1
I asked my friend who is a pilot based in Manchester about the condition of the runway and he said it is not that bad, so it is probably more an issue with the struts on the plane.
Gordon Casey 1
I saw the same thing - I don't see a lot of bouncing like that, but its eye opening to experience as a passenger, espeically if you're seated somewhere near/above the gear.

I stood no further than 15 yards from this aircraft and the other B722 this past Tuesday evening as I watched runway action and stared at the 727s for about 30 minutes. The black paint on this beauty, which has been on there quite some time now, is starting to get a bit dull. I love how these both still have their eyebrow windows. Roush's parts donor 721 sits a few stands away, begging for someone to reactivate it.
rodney harris 1
i love nascar and fly to see this is awesome i to fly a rj 135
gjj0yce 0
When United was operating scheduled 727 service from MHT to ORD, the typical departure clearance was maintain 5000 direct CON direct GDM. The only thing different about the RFR 727 departure was that they turned right to 020 after departure. Either way, they have to stay under the BOS departure traffic that usually is cleared direct MHT.

I didn't think to check the NOTAMs to see if there was a special departure program in place for MHT departures headed to CLT/SVH/JQF.
mboette 0
Not to nitpick, but the 138DE and 500DE are no longer Dale Earnhardt owned, they are owned by Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing (EGR)
Chris M. 1
Thanks for the update.
AccessAir 0
Hate to break it to you boys, but that 727-200, N727NK that took off did NOT have P&W JT8D-200s on engines 1 and 3....It had THREE JT8D-17s..with Stage Three hushkits on them....


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