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Boeing delivers first 747-8I

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Boeing has delivered the first 747-8 Intercontinental, which departed the company's Everett, Washington facility today enroute to Vancouver, Canada. ( Mais...

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99NY 1
Anybody else think its odd the Captain re-lowered the landing gear just before the a/c went into the cloud deck?
Donny Malinoff 1
I noticed that too but you're right, it was odd...
Ricky Scott 1
I find it more odd that I watched it here at Everett yesterday and the clouds were different than and the takeoff angle is different than this video.

Im betting that is file footage for the B1 flight which includes a gear cycle just after take off.
Nick Newcomb 0
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First 747-8i Delivered

Boeing delivered A7-HHE, the first 747-8 in a passenger config. It was delivered to an undisclosed private party.


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