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From pit-stop to take-off: How F1 is changing the future of air travel

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The world of Formula One may seem an unlikely source of inspiration for a major carbon-cutting initiative, but technology used for coordinating pit-stops is primed to slash emissions from airports across the globe. "It became clear that the pit-stop in a race track, with cars coming in, changing tyres and refueling and going out again actually is pretty similar to an aircraft arriving at the airport, parking at the gate, passengers getting off, refueling and going out," said the air… ( Mais...

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preacher1 0
All this is well and good and yes, taxiway/runway congestion has got to be eased but all the Airlines need to take a look at SWA as far as turning one around after it reaches the gate. Everybody always talks about SWA making money but everybody seems to overlook the fact that they have the higest utilization % of any other carrier and utilization means $.
Toby Sharp 0
I completely agree Wayne. SWA turns around planes like no one else. My mother works for American and I fly free, standby of course, and I gladly cough up $300 for a ticket on SWA anytime I fly. My flight from KSTL to KDAL yesterday evening turned around in 21 minutes after passengers debarked from wheels up.
preacher1 0
You know, while their turn time wasn't any better, NWA, prior to the merger, was expert at boarding and being ready to gate kick OT. Problem was, as with most, there was too much ground time built in. In the real early days of SWA, at least at outlying airports, they were doing 10 minute turns, which may have been a bit too fast for the PAX, but I can remember in the early 80's, when they first started flying DAL-LIT, I have deplaned and just walked to the parking lot and see the same plane that I came in on airborne.
Wingscrubber 0
Easyjet and Ryanair use the same quick-turnaround model in Europe.
Now that the glamour is long-gone from air travel, all that's left of value is expediance and efficiency, and some airliners are much better than others.
Ed Tuohy 0
I have changed from a fast mover to a slow mover so lets not bring out the whips quite yet.
I flew US Airways lat week and the week before from GSO to CMH. A a massive boondoggle in CLT each time - the planes were at the gate well prior to scheduled boarding time, but would push back anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes late. Why? I'm not certain, but it seemed to me the cabin cleanup crews spent more time standing around chatting with flight crews, gate people, rampies, and whomever else than they did actually doing their jobs, i.e.: cleaning the cabin. I watched out the window as the plane was fueled, baggage loaded, and flight crew doing their walkaround, and then we waited - and waited - and waited. None of the US Airways people there seemed to think there was any problem.

I wonder how much of the industry's slow turnaround time situation is due to this sort of thing? Lack of caring and lack of motivation seems to be rampant.
ed george 0
When are the planes going to get the KERS system I wonder?

Or when B.Ecclestone tries to take over all of aviation!
SkyWolfAlpha 0
That's all well and good, but they didn't say WHAT they're changing, other than that they're streamlining it. Are they planning on patenting their process or something?
fwiw, we can get bags off and on a plane before the pax are off. It's deplaning/boarding that takes the longest. Can we streamline -that- part, with only one jetbridge?
Adrian Padurean 0
I couldn't see the result of this F1 business at Heathrow's. This airport continues to be the worst airport to changes flights in the entire Europe!!


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