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ANA Unveils Special 787 Livery

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Special livery for ANA's first two 787s. ( Mais...

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Michael Fuquay 0
That is sweet-looking, much better than the norm. Not sure about the big 787 near the front though.
Wendell Smith 0
I agree.
Chip Hermes 0
Nice looking! Thanks for sharing!
99NY 0
The 787 is pretty ugly...but way back when airlines used to proudly display the make and manufacturer of their aircraft on the plane. Maybe its a retro nod to the days of DC-6's, 7's and all those Eastern Airline jets.
dee guerry 0
The 787 was great looking when they came out with the rounded tail looking like a dolphins dorsal fin but they had to go with the same old blocky looking tail and wings ohh well, the paint scheme looks ok but i think the 787 should be on the tail and the ANA should be on the front.


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