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Douglas DC-3 (N7AP)

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Ohio University's DC-3 about to touch down at the 2017 Vinton County Air Show


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Joao Ponces
Beautiful! As good as new! Would love to try to fly in it!
Eric Merillat
Wow, nice, do they fly the teams on that or is it for some other program?
roland pfeifer
The old but reliable GOONY BIRD It seems to never want to go away. Every airplane should be made as tough as the DC-3
trennor turcotte
I was privileged to fly in some of the last Daks the Canadian Forces used at Cold Lake in the early seventies: loud, noisy, and at the time I didn't appreciate their history and how versatile and airplane they are. It's wonderful so many of them are still in the air and being used commercially and not merely polished showpieces like so many of their contemporaries are now. Lovely shot of the UofO's Dakota, thanks very much, Andrew.
Doug Cook
Teams/assoc. folks are in the 60-90 range. Must be a pr/ fundraiser mission.
Rob Lamb
In the 1960's flew these all over South America. Varig in Brazil, Aerolineas Argentinas in Argentina. Went to Iguazu from Sao Paulo several times. Once, the airport at one of the stops was closed as a gas truck had gotten stuck on the runway, so the pilot landed on a dirt road just outside of the airport. He made several turns over the falls as we got there. I would guess we made 25 to 30 flights on these old birds. Varig used to hand passengers a white cardboard box with lunch or dinner in it as you boarded. WOW, what fun. Good old days.
Ray Mason
Best Prop passenger aircraft ever built
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4 de Dez de 2019 UnknownGeorgetown Muni ()Georgetown Muni () 09:32 CST 11:33 CST 2:01
3 de Dez de 2019 UnknownGeorgetown Muni ()Georgetown Muni () 09:50 CST 10:06 CST 0:16
25 de Nov de 2019 UnknownGeorgetown Muni ()Georgetown Muni () 12:09 CST 13:09 CST (?) 0:59
23 de Nov de 2019 UnknownGeorgetown Muni ()Georgetown Muni () 14:34 CST 14:43 CST (?) 0:09
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