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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (N529B)

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Enroute from Fort Worth to Abilene in this incredible piece of history.


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John moffitt
I love it.
My daily does of nostalgia!
Geoffrey PEARSON
Now that is what I call a glass cockpit!
Could you imagine what it would be like for the bomb aimer, getting into position, at night?
What a view!!!
ken kemper
Spectacular Photo !!
Joan Williams
Awesome shot!
Dan Brink
Fantastic View. Wish I was right up there with'm. Whata thrill that wud be.
Charles Blackwell
"Could you imagine what it would be like for the bomb aimer, getting into position, at night?"

yep, that's definitely an NFO billet..
serge LOTH
I have no words guys...
The original Millennium Falcon. Beautiful!
Mark Osterstock
The leather bomber jacket is a nice touch.
David Hopkins
Neil Klapthor
AWESOME shot!!
My father flew those out of Guam as a "Typhoon Chaser" in the late 50s. I imagine descending into the eye was quite a view also.
frank theriault
That could only be one aircraft. Amazing!
B. L. Goodman
Awesome!!! Was the backbone of the bomber fleet in its day.
awesome! good idea where the millenium falcon imagery came from...
American muscle.
Conrad Kass
I was a civilian contractor on Guam in the late 50s attached to the Typhoon Chasers.
The aircraft were all B50s not B17s.
Possibly after all these years the numbers got mixed up.
Best seats in the house!!
Conrad Kass
Sorry for the mixup on aircraft.
They started with 29s and then went to 50s.
Never 17s.
My age is showing.
Regina McArthur
Several years ago I flew from Amarillo to Midland in the bombadier seat of this plane. My husband was the Flight Engineer back then. Fifi's home was in Midland at the CAF's Main Hangar at the Midland/Odessa airport. I was an amazing flight!
Tom Fox
Cannot imagine flying through flak with this view!!!
Barry Erlich
Would make an great jigsaw puzzle! Awesome shot.
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Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
18 de Fev de 2021 UnknownPróximo de Atwater, CAPróximo de Atwater, CA First seen 09:28 PST Last seen 09:29 PST 0:01
11 de Fev de 2021 UnknownPróximo de Atwater, CAPróximo de Atwater, CA First seen 12:11 PST Last seen 13:11 PST 1:00
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