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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (92-3284)

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"rch271" usaf c-130h 92-3284 landing a shannon from eindhoven.not sure why the tyre smoke is yellow.24/9/18.


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David Seider
96th Airlift Sq, 934th AW - based at Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport, Minnesota
Brian, you ask a very interesting question. I can't think of any reasonable explanation for the yellow/green tire smoke.
As far as UNreasonable possibilities are concerned... The only thing that comes to mind is that the crazy Minnesotans are getting a MUCH too early jump on St. Patrick's Day. ;-)
I love the Herk, and love anything having to do with my home state!
Greg Byington
Nice shot, Brian! It does look like the tire smoke has a yellow/green tint to it. I'm going to guess that they are new tires and there was some kind of special coating on them. Or, some different kind of chemical make-up of the tires themselves. Hmmm...?
marylou anderson
How about this theorem :
the very green grass is seen thru the white/gray smoke.....
Sulfur compounds release yellow-green smoke. Many tire companies still use it in manufacturing. Just a thought.
Brian BuckleyPhoto Uploader
Brian BuckleyPhoto Uploader
It seems to be the rear left tyre only, because I have the next frame when the tyre in front of it hits the tarmac and it's white smoke.
Greg Byington
I suspect jet4ang is correct. Regardless, it is a pretty nice catch! Thanks, Brian!
Viv Pike
Is is not that. All tire (tyre) tread compounds use the chemical sulphur in their make-up. Sulphur is used as a cross-linking agent which, in layman's terms, forms the chemical bonds in the rubber, turning it from a plastic state to elastic state, during vulcanization / curing (cooking). A finished tire will not have any residual sulphur available to make green/yellow smoke. I would suggest that what is seen here is just a photographic aberration caused by lighting. It is certainly not related to sulphur, or any other coating on the tire. This from a Rubber Compound Scientist with 35-years experience in the tire Industry.
Greg Byington
That makes much more sense to me, Viv. Thanks!
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