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Grumman G-44 Widgeon (N44HQ) - G-44 Grumman Widgeon at KKLS 10/14/2021
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Grumman G-44 Widgeon (N44HQ)

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G-44 Grumman Widgeon at KKLS 10/14/2021


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Michael Carden
Looks much more like a G-111 Grumman Albatros.
a mentor
would agree with you @Michael; the Widgeon is quite smaller
This is an Albatross.
Widgeon is much smaller.
James Driskell
It ain't a duck under any circumstances!
Michael McMurtrey
It's an Albatross (HU-16B), and FAA reports certificate terminated and sale reported.
Bill Bailey
HU-16B Albatross, former USAF 51-0025, c/n G-99. This one was never converted to a G-111 though.
Ken Lane
I flew in USCG Goats at Port Angeles, WA. Looks darn close to the ones we had. They fly forever!
Agree this is the Albatross. Widgeon had Rangers with some conversions to Continental & Lycoming opposed.
jesse kyzer
N44HQ Is reg to a 1950? Grumman HU-16B Albatross
The airworthiness Cert lists it as NX44HQ as of 23 October 2018. Grumman records indicate a build for Bld#099 beginning in 1950 and completion with delivery to the AF in 1951, Which matches AF SerNum 51-025.
Robert Kap
That's not a Widgeon. It is an albatross. My first job in Grumman when I started as a 19 year old was logging in all the OOPS parts for the HU-16 Albatross back in June 1966. I got to love the plane even though it wasn't in production for many years.
Werner Schweikert
Agree with Ken Lane. Coast Guard Air Detachment Sangley Point< R.P. had three of the Goats used for servicing the CG Loran Stations in the PI.
1979 USCG Aviation Machinist Mate "A" school. My first radial experience, pull a jug, put it back on, time it and ground run. Start the APU and the cabin fills with smoke:) Then I was stationed at San Fran, but I only got to do one mission and they phased out the -16. Truly a great life experience, I believe many will miss the radials and the cool sound, I know I will.
Rick Bradford
Ken Lane, What timeframe were you flying out of Air station Port Angeles?

My Dad was an AD1, fixing goats.
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