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Northrop T-38 Talon (AFR68102)

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71st Flying Wing Squadron from Vance AFB OK participating in Green Bay Packer National Anthem Fly-Over, Dec. 8 2019


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jonathan flores
Oh the fun of the air starting T-38s. Great catch of the lineman working hard!
ken kemperPhoto Uploader
Thanks Jonathan.....

She was working hard below that Talon. Fortunately she had a nice introduction at Lambeau Field during half time.
Paul Wilcoxen
Great to see a plane from Vance AFB. Grew up 3 miles north of the runway and have heard these great planes all of my 52 years in Enid, OK.
Andre Blanchard
Great photo!! 5+ stars
ken kemperPhoto Uploader
Paul & Andre.......

They put on a good show in Green Bay. Neat comment Paul about your close proximity to Vance AFB.
ken kemperPhoto Uploader

also very sorry to hear about the fatal mid air collision at Vance back in November.
Gary Eldridge
So far it's still the prettiest plane ever made. Just look at those lines and curves!
James Banas
Beautiful picture....shows "her" curves, wonderfully. There will never be another trainer that will be as gorgeous as the T-38. Brings back memories of the 100+ hours in the T-38 at UPT (72-01) at Reese AFB, Lubbock, TX.

Jim Banas, Captain, USAF (Ret)
ken kemperPhoto Uploader

Thank you for your service.

Jim & Gary...agree on gorgeous lines of T-38
Michael Kacmarynski
Hi Ken,

Thanks for capturing this awesome photo of our lineman Zech. He loved seeing that somebody captured a photo of him and we enjoy seeing awesome photos of our staff having fun while working.

Keep the photos coming!!!

Michael Kacmarynski
CSR: Jet Air Group
ken kemperPhoto Uploader

Jet Air you a doing a great job with the military this year !!

Keep it up .......

Feel free to use any pics on your web site or I would be glad to send them to you !!
Vienna Andresen
That is a beautiful picture! She is pretty!!!
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