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After takeoff on Wolfgangsee - Scalaria Air Challenge 2015


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C.W. Reed
Excellent shot! Love the detail! Thank You Andreas! Cheers!
ian mcdonell
Paul Wisgerhof
Fabulous shot! A 1930's design updated to 2019.
Alan Brown
Great photo! Thank you!
Mike MacDonald
Very unusual use of flaps or am I imagining it?
Viv Pike
Just a pity about the URL web-link visible on the edge of the right wing tip
Colin Seftel
From Wikipedia:
Do 24 ATT airworthy with Iren Dornier of Uhldingen-Mühlhofen, Baden-Württemberg. It has been re-engined with three PT6A-45B turboprops. In February 2004, it began flying around the world on a UNICEF mission to assist children in the Philippines. The Do-24 ATT is piloted by Iren Dornier, the grandson of Dornier founder Claudius Dornier. Upon completion of the work with UNICEF, it will be run as a special charter airliner by South East Asian Airlines.[citation needed] It was flying at the Berlin ILA in May 2014, equipped with the Advanced Technology Wing developed during the Dornier Do 228 program. It was then the only airworthy Do 24 of any sub-type. It was built from Werknummer 5345
Martin Allan
Colin Seftel: are they not a type of Fowler flaps?
Martin Allan
oops! Mike MacDonald, the flaps comment was actually for you.
Robert Oldershaw
Excellent shot!
brian dubey
This is a Dornier Do-24
brian dubey
A Dornie Do-24 landing on Lake Constance, Klassikwelt Bodensee 2012. Pilot Iren Dornie made a water landing on 18.5.2012 on Lake Constance in front of the waterfront in Friedrichshafen. The Dornie Museum organized this flight which took place to the Klassikwelt Bodensee.
Nice Picture!!!!!
Alan Hume
If only they had had those engines back in the day! Shades of the Basler BT-67 project for old DC3/C-47 conversions. Beautiful aircraft all!
Don Lynch
Nice looking, looks like she is going to work. Perfect catch.
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