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Jack LahrmanPhoto Uploader
122 Fighter Wing Fort Wayne Indiana USA
Dave Sheehy
Nice one, Jack, the camera shutter has captured a projectile from the GAU-8. :) Cool!
gwapo santa
gr8 photo like it
Hugh Somsen
Golly, there for a moment I thought it was breaking the sound barrier.
Brian Bough
Breaking the sound barrier?

(I kid, I kid! But ain't the thought of an A-10 traveling that fast hilarious?)
Jack LahrmanPhoto Uploader
Photo was taken at Jefferson Proving grounds in Indiana
roland pfeifer
Pardon my language, But that A10 Worthog is one badass airplane & the boy's on the ground will miss it when it's gone If the BIG=WIGS @ the Pentegon have their way.
First jet fighter to get a bird strike from the rear.
Bryan Jensen
One of my students flew Warthogs in the Gulf war. He said that cannon would literally make targets vanish. Perfect for radical islamists trying to breach our southern border.
Perhaps the U.S. Border Patrol should get some of these to deal with the cartels.
Geoff Arkley
Not a good view if ya happen to be a terrorist!


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