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Lockheed C-5 Galaxy (86-0015) - A C-5 Galaxy parking at EAA Airventure 2019.
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Lockheed C-5 Galaxy (86-0015)

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A C-5 Galaxy parking at EAA Airventure 2019.


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Cameron Barnes
The attitude of this plane just says "Move your tail or i'll move it for ya" kinda thing.
Loyd Enochs
The nickname "Fat Albert" was given for a reason :)
Stephen Bales
I always thought "Fat Albert" was the nickname of the Blue's C-130...
John Lease
the C-5 is known as "FRED"
marylou anderson
a mentor
@Loyd Fat Albert has been retired
The C-5 Galaxy is so important to the USAF, etc., that allegedly pilots are only allowed to land it with auto-pilot.
Would love to hear any verification of this.
David Kaplan
Amazing Jet, and amazing how it can take off.
David Seider
@ John Lease: 100 thumbs up.
Just too big to fit into the picture! A beauty!
Cbro4Photo Uploader
Thanks for all the kind comments. Glad you guys like this shot.
Tom Lowe
Fred it is. And the Suisun Balloon. Official Wing Commmander letter at Travis in the late 70’s told us to refer to it ONLY as the C-5A Galaxy .... ;)
Tom Lowe
“FRED” was scratched into center of some of the control yokes .... It was an interesting plane to be around and support. Supported and witnessed a max gross weight departure from Amarillo airport during a torrential downpour enroute to Tehran via a half dozen tanker appointments with choppers and drones for the Shah.
Butch Hollingsworth
Who put the name Super Galaxy on tail?
serge LOTH
I think Stephen BAles is right Loyd..
serge LOTH
I had a friend pilot on these (flying in Crossair CH after USAF) I think he is retired in Texas… hello Mike ...;never know..
James Simms
@ a mentor. No the Blues have a new Fat Albert. The old one was retired last Summer.

a mentor
yes, I noted the retirement -- but the C-5 AINT IT.

In addition to being a new aircraft the C-130J will bring greater performance to the job. The C-130J can fly up to ten percent farther than a C-130T, and carry more than fifty percent more cargo by weight.
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