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Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

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Doing a little practice air refueling with a B-52 out of Minot. The B-52 was holding back while the pilots swapped seats so they could all get their currency.


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Dwight Hartje
Epic perspective from this shot! Any info or description?
I'm seconding Dwight on his comment.
Paul Barrett
Just WOW! 5*+
Joe Wood
I sat behind a kid that was in the left seat on a J-STAR (converted 707-300) on our way to the"Undisclosed Location". We were in behind a 135 for about 15 min. He was working his a.. off. That trim wheel was just a singin. It was trim, throttle, rudder, throttle, trim, trim, rudder throttle. His forehead was dripping sweat by the time we broke away. 135 pulled up and we pushed over. He couldn't have been more than 27-28. The instructor in the right seat said, "needs some work. But over all n not bad."
John moffitt
An amazing photograph. Excellent shot.
Un avion plein de bombes qui ne peut decoller avec le plein de kerosene!
Dwight Hartje
Thank you for adding a description! All 5*!


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