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Ilyushin Il-62 (EW-450TR)
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Ilyushin Il-62 (EW-450TR)

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mike prendergast
WOW,Please fly to Sydney IL-62!!
Leon Kay
Another Russian copy of a Western aircraft. It appears almost identical to the British Vickers VC10.
Ken Hardy
Big time fuel hog, I wonder if its got flush rivets or button heads?
Ken Hardy
Note the tail gear for over rotation takeoffs, reminds me of the donkey dong on the 727
Ron Carver
I like the top windows in cockpit. All new planes should have these top windows for better visibility, to see what is going on, on top of you. Current cockpit windows have a narrow straight ahead of you view due to ever increasing automated computer guidance and less pilot control and interaction.
Don Parker
Ken: I believe the tail gear is for parking only, to prevent the nose from lifting during ground operations/ storage. Crazy plane, flight controls are all mechanical, no hyd. assist. Amazing for a 200 passenger aircraft!
Bruce Clayman
I rode in the front of a Cubana IL-62M between Toronto and Havana back in the 1980's. Most impressive was the four-man crew. Captain, first officer, flight engineer, navigator/radio officer - and the 1950's era instruments.
NINE windows on each side of the flight deck? How much cost, extra weight, maintenance, and poor utility could one engineer design in. If the rest of the plane shows that much absurdity, makes you wonder why we ever worried about losing the cold war.
Jim Costello
Those tail end parking wheels do not inspire confidence in overall performance. A giraffe type aircraft.
Phil Rademacher
Not a copy of the VC10 and the tailwheel is, as noted below already, there to keep the plane from tipping on its tail when loading. Sounds at first like bad engineering, but please read this article to see that it (meaning the pogo stick and the Il-62 in general) actually is more ingeniously engineered than the VC10:


Best regards,

Stephen Walford
Crap attempt at copying the VC10,obvious industrial espionage, not the only copy of a western aircraft !
Stephen Walford
PS,nice shot !
I don't know if I agree with the espionage/plagiarism claims on this one. Looking at pictures of both aircraft, the IL-62 appears to be much longer than the VC-10. The stats back that up too. VC-10's largest model is 158 feet and change, while the IL-62 is 174 and change. At almost 20 feet longer, the need for the tail gear seems justified. That argument is the equivalent of the modern day one taking place between Bombardier, Embraer, and Mitsubishi currently.

But regardless, this is an interesting bird to look at. Not sure I'd want to fly in it, but still would be cool to see at an airshow or something.
royr2... I agree and believe Ilyushin's design bureau fairly well started with a clean sheet of paper on this design. All it essentially shares with the Vickers VC-10 is the engine layout and configuration, which apparently was dictated to Sergey Ilyushin and his team by TsAGI, the former Soviet Union's aerospace agency, in an effort to maintain a clean wing design for a large long range four-engine turbofan commercial jet airliner. Design and development of the Il-62 was concurrent with the same ongoing process for the Vickers VC-10... and the first flight of both types were only about 6 months apart (June 1962 for the VC-10 vs. January 1963 for the Il-62), so there was no flying example of the latter available for the Ilyushin design bureau to copy!
This excellent photo is found on Planespotters.net and the photographer is Jan Jurecka.

Jim... a very good "catch"... This cast suspicion on the real provenance and genuine legitimacy of all the photos this FA member has uploaded... he's likely "borrowed" many of these, if not every single one!!!
cliff731, it's easy to tell which ones are his own photos, they're all the local photos, the photos from around the world have been found on the web.
Thanks, Jim... I do appreciate your keen observation and insight!!! You are correct!!! :-)
Jim...this is a bit of an ironic and oddly perplexing deal here... with a FA member who has demonstrated the capability of taking his own rather nice aircraft spotting photos and uploading the same... but yet somehow prefers to "borrow" sans any proper attribution or credits the original photographic work and endeavors of other photographers!


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