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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (96-5301)
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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (96-5301)

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Gary Schenauer
Fabulous photo, Erik!! What a superior snap this is! TYVM for sharing this shot.
altitude604Photo Uploader
Thanks! I was worried about the backlighting but it just worked on this one!
NOT AGAIN, this is a military aircraft not a civilian plane, thence it CAN NOT carry an N prefix.
Robert Ferrell
It's always a good idea, before listing a registration beginning with "N", to drop that number into the FAA N-number query search. This will verify whether or not that number is indeed valid.
Sorry Erik but N65301 is a certificate revoked glider...that and military dont use N prefix
altitude604Photo Uploader
Guys, I know it's Military. I entered the proper number and the Site changed it to an N-number.

As I possess a functioning set of eyes, I am able to distinguish aircraft types and registration marks with ease.
This pretty Herky Bird is a long way from Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Erik, enter that USAF aircraft serial number as "96-5301".

This will take care of that N-registration problem.
altitude604Photo Uploader
Thanks cliff731!
You are welcome, Erik, and thank you for sharing this photo with us!
sam kuminecz
Erik also if you only have a ship number put a 0 in front of it...example F-18 #406 would come up n406...add a 0 and the n disappears and shows 0406
Joseph Tabaco
this was probably a stop for the Hurricane Tour that year...
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Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
16 de Jul de 2021 UnknownNashville Intl ()Keesler Afb () 12:02 CDT 13:28 CDT 1:25
15 de Jul de 2021 UnknownNashville Intl ()Nashville Intl () 11:51 CDT 15:06 CDT 3:15
14 de Jul de 2021 UnknownKeesler Afb ()Nashville Intl () 15:56 CDT 17:41 CDT 1:45
14 de Jul de 2021 UnknownKeesler Afb ()Keesler Afb () 13:35 CDT 15:26 CDT 1:51
14 de Jul de 2021 UnknownKeesler Afb ()Keesler Afb () 11:24 CDT 13:03 CDT 1:39
14 de Jul de 2021 UnknownKeesler Afb ()Keesler Afb () 10:47 CDT 11:07 CDT 0:19
14 de Jul de 2021 UnknownKeesler Afb ()Keesler Afb () 10:05 CDT 10:27 CDT 0:21
12 de Jul de 2021 UnknownKeesler Afb ()Keesler Afb () 17:33 CDT 20:20 CDT 2:47
12 de Jul de 2021 UnknownKeesler Afb ()Keesler Afb () 10:00 CDT 12:23 CDT 2:22
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