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SINGAPORE TA-4 Super Skyhawk (N49WH) - A-4 Skyhawk Dirty Pass at the 2022 Selfridge Air Show - July 10, 2022
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SINGAPORE TA-4 Super Skyhawk (N49WH)

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A-4 Skyhawk Dirty Pass at the 2022 Selfridge Air Show - July 10, 2022


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Dan Chiasson
Type of landing gear needed for the current generation of 737! ;-{)
ken kemper
Nice one Darryl............
I'm sure that this is an A4B aircraft. It's a single seat, so not a "T"A4
Gary Schenauer
Themold .... When A4 is entered, there is no control over the title info that appears under the photo. Darryl entered "A4" because that's what it is, but he can do nothing about the title that FA applies to it.
Darryl ... Absolutely superb capture!! *****+**
Dennis Stockton
What is the difference between an A4 Skyhawk and an A4C Skyray?
Dennis, there are several differences. First A-4 has the dash between the A for Attack and the number. This indicates the "new" "common service" designation system for Military Aircraft. The A4C on the other hand is a US Navy aircraft type identifier as used from roughly the 1920s through most of the 1950s. Both A's stand for Attack type aircraft but the rest is quite different. A4C A type=Attack: 4 means fourth attack type from Mfg: C means Mfg by Convair. These designators represent significantly different aircraft.
Oh, I forgot to mention, the A-4 under the old Navy designator was an A4D. Fourth Attack type from Douglas Aircraft.
Lee Buckley
Classic file photo from well before July 10, 2022! This is a very clean A-4C in USN paint showing VA-76 markings….NOT a Singapore Super TA-4.
Dennis, I wonder if you aren't asking about the Douglas F-4D 'Skyray'(later designated F-6.), as compared to the A-4 Skyhawk attack aircraft. The Skyray was an outstanding Navy/Marine fighter aircraft - the first Navy fighter that was supersonic in level flight. It employed a highly modified delta wing, and was really a sight to see on take-off!

Excellent picture of the A-4!
Darryl FisherPhoto Uploader
Lee Buckley .... read Gary's comment above regarding the aircraft title. I wish I could change that part as it does not accurately describe this particular aircraft - but I can't. Also, this photo is not a file photo. I snapped it with my Nikon D3300, f/13, 1/320 sec. ISO-200, -0.3 step, 300 mm. As I type out my camera settings, I noticed that my shutter speed is 1/320 sec - great for propeller driven aircraft but not ideal for jets. So I am just a novice with a low-end camera but happened to get a decent shot. Thanks for noticing.
Richard Waldren
See the DMZ in your A-4E, America is telling you to go.
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