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Antonov An-225 Mriya (UR-82060)

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10th november 2016 - the largest aircraft of the world jused one of the legendary twy-bridge of Leipzig(germany). the weather was not so fine...


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Mark Thomas
Can't control the weather Sven! Fantastic shot of a super rare bird!
Mark Thomas
Sven, I just read that she caught fire, no details given in the story. Is she still in Leipzig? How much damage?
sven vollertPhoto Uploader
@ Mark, i dont know Details. The aircraft is still in Leipzig.
massive plane, strong bridge! Flew Leipzig-Keflavik-Goose Bay. Houston is next.
Kris Durbin
it was just a single turbine that flamed out. Shouldn't be anything that grounds her for long.
Fantastic shot, Sven, of a beautiful bird...and the turbine flame out was nothing major...she's already in Brazil
Roy Hunte
sven vollertPhoto Uploader
many thanks for the feedback. The landing was verry interessting, because the RWY was changed from 26L to 26R. It was absolutly difficult to catch a new photopoint in such short time.
The aircraft is working. The reason for the little engine fire was a leakage on a shut-off valve. The part is replaced. (source Antonov).
The best foto! Why the bridge to come to an end at a plane tail? How he has got there? I won't understand.
sven vollertPhoto Uploader
@T.M.Sorry, my english skills are not good enough, to understand your question perfect. Maybee anybody can help.
The Bridge is a taxiway section between the nort-RWY and south-RWY / terminal.
Chris Ryan
@TM: The bridge ending is just an optical illusion because the tarmac changes color and the railing ends, the taxiway continues....
Just really amazed by the size,
If I am correct, she is the only one of her kind still air worthy? What of the AN124 ? How many are still flying?
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Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
27 de Mar de 2020 UnknownGostomel ()Gostomel () 18:35 EET 18:49 EET 0:13
25 de Mar de 2020 UnknownGostomel ()Gostomel () 13:53 EET 15:52 EET 1:59
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