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N82EM —
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N82EM —

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Larry Toler
Nice shot but that doesn't look like it was taken at KABE.
John Giambone
William Bingham
Chris Croft
I agree with Larry. These mountains are not in PA. The highest point in PA is the Allegheny Mountains 3010 ft MSL. These mountains clearly exceed 3000 ft. Allentown (380 ft MSL) is nowhere near this range.
Viv Pike
Mike Asmar
"Time Flies"
Hunter Vincent
Looks like the photo was taken at KBZN in Belgrade, Montana. Those appear to be the Bridger Mountains in the background. That is a super cool aircraft!
Michael Wulfsohn
Awesome photo! The black plane, white snow, and mountain background is quite artistic. Thanks for sharing.
TEMPUS FUGIT.....Time flys
B. L. Goodman
Great shot! Whose Global Express is this?
Maybe in March?
Viv Pike
Picture was stolen.
See here : http://skystreamjet.com/project/global-express-xrs/
Max Jones
In an industry where the #1 rule is "See and be seen", why would you paint your aircraft like that? I can hear it now "...you're number two for departure, follow the Global Express on taxiway bravo to runway one five." "Uh, we don't see a Global Express on bravo." :D
No, no - it could TOTALLY be Allentown, PA. Remember how big those mountains just outside of Pittsburgh in The Deer Hunter were? :D
Chris Croft
Wow Stephen, you rely on Hollywood films for your understanding of geography.
michel charron
I'd guess, EGE with the guard ramp in the background.
Matt Lacey
I think this is Jared Isaacman’s jet. The Inspiration 4 crew has at least 1 picture walking away from it. I just got a notice of it flying into TTS today.
Pretty wild I randomly watched this plane on final over my house and looked it up. I started tracking it around the islands without knowing who was on it and come to find out it was likely the Inspiration4 crew. Godspeed, SpaceX and the Inspiration4 crew.
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Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
21 de Out de 2021 GLEXAustin-Bergstrom Intl ()Laurence G Hanscom Fld () 15:27 CDT 19:19 EDT 2:52
21 de Out de 2021 GLEXLaurence G Hanscom Fld ()Austin-Bergstrom Intl () 11:41 EDT 14:21 CDT 3:39
21 de Out de 2021 GLEXLehigh Valley Intl ()Laurence G Hanscom Fld () 09:44 EDT 10:31 EDT 0:46
20 de Out de 2021 GLEXInt'l Washington Dulles ()Lehigh Valley Intl () 16:46 EDT 17:23 EDT 0:37
19 de Out de 2021 GLEXTeterboro ()Int'l Washington Dulles () 10:38 EDT 11:23 EDT 0:45
19 de Out de 2021 GLEXLehigh Valley Intl ()Teterboro () 09:06 EDT 09:28 EDT 0:21
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