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Boeing 747-200 (82-8000)

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POTUS arrival in PHX on May 5, 2020.


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Why are there no pictures of the "upcoming" AF1 to show livery? So far only seen model on table in WH? Current version is way better.
Gavin Hughes
If I've got the right one, white upper, red cheat line along the windows, white band then above dark blue lower, the new livery is reminiscent of the classic airliner liveries from the late 50s onward and it DOES look good.
bigkahuna400 - It'll be years before either of those birds are painted. They've been in San Antonio since last year and the work on converting them to the new AF1 birds is just beginning. Paint will be long down the road in that process.
Joe Wood
Landing gear looks weird.
The landing gear looks quite normal Joe. 747s have three main gear struts, the center strut a bit aft of the outer pair.
john cook
Great Shot


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