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Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (VNA866) - 2016/2/11
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Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (VNA866)

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Mark Thomas
Beautiful shot!
Roy Thomas
Does the 787 cockpit have less peripheral and rear facing vision than traditional aircraft or is it just the perspective of this photo. I noticed in other pictures that the 787 is constructed with 4 windows compared to the six of the 737 and 767.
Karter Hickling
Yea people can correct me if im wrong. They do have the wrap around like their other airliners just they only have four windows so that there is better vis. All part of the new technology
Iñaki Domaica
Just to give testimony of how amazing this 787 is.

Last week I flew from Miami to Madrid. I got an Air Europa 787.
This plane is amazing. There is a real new era of aviation:

1./ This thing is FAST. The flight takes normally 9 hours in a 747. 787 doing same flight did it in 7 hours. Cruising speed of the Jumbo is around 860 up to 910-920 Km/h. This thing cruising speed was .99 Mach. It was always over 1100 km/h

2./Flight altitude of a Jumbo doing that trip was always btw 30 to 33000 feet. This thing was flying cruising at 41000. I guess that contributed to speed and possibly fuel consumption too.

3./ Composite/Carbon fiber materials. No aluminum or rivets. Just composite materials and an oven. Well, the interior was clearly quieter. Usually flying a commercial plane is noisy. This was clearly below in terms of decibels. You can maintain a speaking conversation much easier across aisle and sleep much better.

Let's see when I fly an Airbus 350 if they can match this, but so far I tell you that Boeing 787 is the greatest plane I ever flew, and I am a heavy airline user
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15 de Set de 2021 UnknownTan Son Nhat Int'l ()Int'l de Noi Bai () 19:45 +07 21:24 +07 1:39
15 de Set de 2021 UnknownInt'l Da Nang ()Tan Son Nhat Int'l () 16:37 +07 17:29 +07 0:52
15 de Set de 2021 UnknownInt'l de Incheon ()Tan Son Nhat Int'l () 13:00 KST 16:20 +07 (?) 5:20
15 de Set de 2021 UnknownTan Son Nhat Int'l ()Int'l de Incheon () 04:09 +07 10:51 KST 4:42
14 de Set de 2021 UnknownInt'l de Noi Bai ()Tan Son Nhat Int'l () 23:19 +07 00:53 +07 (+1) 1:34
14 de Set de 2021 UnknownTan Son Nhat Int'l ()Int'l de Noi Bai () 11:42 +07 13:15 +07 (?) 1:32
9 de Set de 2021 A321Int'l de Noi Bai ()Tan Son Nhat Int'l () 14:47 +07 16:23 +07 1:35
9 de Set de 2021 A359Int'l de Suvarnabhumi ()Int'l de Noi Bai () 12:07 +07 13:45 +07 1:37
9 de Set de 2021 A359Int'l de Noi Bai ()Int'l de Suvarnabhumi () 09:25 +07 10:49 +07 1:23
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