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Antonov An-2 (N2445)
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Antonov An-2 (N2445)

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Paul Wisgerhof
Cool! Soviet Union paint job!!
Diana Rose
Can't be An Antonov, only has 3 wheels.
Harry Ellett
Quite a few years back there was 3 AN-2s operating out of Moontown Airport (3M5) in north Alabama. They were flying mapping missions where ever needed. We had a young lady friend who was a pilot for them. The company moved out of Moontown a few years back. It is an Antonov; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonov_An-2
Way back there was a video made at Moontown showing a AN-2 making a 5 second take-off. It was hard to believe but I watched that video many times. It began with brakes-on, engine full run-up; brake release to lift off was five seconds. It is true so help me. Don't know if that video is still on the internet or not.
The AN-2 has no published stall speed! The POH instructs pilots to maintain wings level with full aft stick until contact with the ground!
Larry Horton
Walked around one once. Was struck by how massive it was for a single engine. Interesting plane and great Pic.
Mark Kanzler
I love Moontown Airport.
Got a ride in a YAK-52 there many years ago - I'll never forget; it was a highlight of my life.
serge LOTH
Extraordinaire airplane! … a tractor!
john cook
vodka served on every flight!
Harry Ellett
For Mr. Mark Kanzler.
Mark that YAK-25 at Moontown had a fatal crash at Moontown in 2012. It killed the airport owner and one student pilot.
Harry Ellett
Correction. The crash was not a YAK-25, it was a YAK-52 as you said in your comment.
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