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Beechcraft 56 Turbo Baron (N221HR) - Glad you all like my photo. My friend Ross Badgrow took the picture of me as I was flying at him.
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Beechcraft 56 Turbo Baron (N221HR)

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Glad you all like my photo. My friend Ross Badgrow took the picture of me as I was flying at him.


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My god.
Alan Coombe
Hope you are not going to land soon - no Dunlops dangling!!
Eric da Silva
Wow!!! Did you pull up a t the last minute?
Miles Franklin
Ive seen planes go loooowww, but this is just......almost cutting the sand.....ikeess..just hope no downwind.....any way ....its fandamtastik...excelent..;;;)))))))))
John Burke
Ross must have crapped his pants!
alex kropf
probably wet em too!
lol:) cool photo!
This is one very well done photo. You have more courage than I have, to stand in in front of a moving aircraft, comming right after you.
Richard Steeb
Hope that's a LOOONG lens!
Daniel Dupuig
I love the low-level flights. it seems to have been a very good work of the two (air and ground).
Jesse Carroll
Uhhhhhhhh....a want be crop duster?
Airplanes are made to be flown, not driven!
...hey watch this...
Grant Davis
Photographer must've been really short! lol :)
How did u get so close, or is it zoomed in? Very brave
How did u get so close, or is it zoomed in? Very brave
sam kuminecz
tripod? or just straight up balls?
Tim Baker
Do you pay the bills or someone else is responsible? If it was my plane I would fire you!!
Boys toys.
HyderracingPhoto Uploader
The 56TC Baron was my airplane. I also set 2 World & National speed records in the Baron.
You have any more photos of this turbo Baron?
HyderracingPhoto Uploader
Yes Chris I have more pics
Brown Alert!!!
Nuno Dias
Run B*!ch RUUUUUNNNN!!!!!!!!
Donald Macomber
One of my very favorite photos, and what an airplane!
Curtis Glasco
There are stories of Pilots back Dorn World War II and the Battle of Britain beforehand being bored so when they fly they want to see who fly the lowest and Legend has it that some Pilots came back with the rotor blades messed up in some way shape or form cuz they hit the ground
Close to tying the record.
Phil Preston
Ross Badgrow R.I.P.
jesse kyzer
N221HR (1967 Beech 56TC Turbo Baron C/N TG-48)
it' been said, "There are old pilots, and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots!
Stephen Jensen
Wow !
ricardo azevedo
Very good...
fouad bouutayeb
Paul Lehmann
Great shoot, congrats
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