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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (93-7313)

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This first FA gallery photo of 93-7313 captures the Nevada Air Guard High Rollers Hercules, "Roller One Tree," climbing away from runway 16L about three and a half hours ago enroute to Selfridge ANGB (KMTC) in Michigan. Prior to being acquired by the 152nd AW, 93-7313 flew for the Wyoming ANG.
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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Roller One Tree arrived at MTC a few minutes ago.
Greg Byington
Mark Thomas
Some nice prop vortices there too if you look close!
Gary, another *****FIVE***** star photo capture for you!!!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg, Mark, and Cliff ... Hey, howdy again, guys. Thanx. Not really a TQ shot, but I stopped making that a criteria for my posts here a long, long time ago. (It's FA.) My only "top priority" standard is that a pic I post must be my pic (unlike others). If I get one that I want in the folder, I just take it off the card, crop it, and post it. (Grin) But I do not post the entire card like GL and those folks. One is enough.
Mark, with the recent rains and snows we've had, there has been plenty of moisture in the air. A rather rare occurrence around here. So lately I've had a bunch of prop, wingtip, and flap vortices snaps. Routine stuff for photogs near the coast or by large bodies of water, etc., but a neat rarity for me. Fun to shoot.
sam kuminecz
excellent shot gary
brings back memories of the Hercs I worked on
thanks for sharing
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Sam, I'd forgotten you were a Herky man. You're a lucky guy; I'm a tad green w/envy. I remember a trip I had on one; a USCG Herc from Wake Island to Honolulu. Noisy but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
I used to be a Crew Chief on this bird...She was with the 302nd AW out of Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, CO. We transferred her to the Wyo ANG in 2006
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Eight Niner Niner Xray ... I am always interested to learn the past history of the aircraft I snap. Tracing the backgrounds of the civilian birds is easy, but it isn't quite as simple to do background checks of military aircraft. (It can be done; just requires a lot more effort.) So I appreciate your comment here with this historical heritage info of 93-7313. And I envy you, now, too ... you and Sam got to ride in these old Hercs regularly and I only had one trip in one waaaay back in the 70s.
And PS ... 7313 resides here now so I've got other snaps of it, so if you ever want some, email I share my pics w/anyone who wants 'em. (Long distance wave)
By all means I'd love to get some photos of her and her stablemates.....I'll send you an e-mail email is
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