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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (79-0477)

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"Roller Seven Seven" climbs away from runway 34L and past my spotting position on the Reno Tahoe International cargo ramp.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Everything about the position of Roller 7-7 in this capture is the best I could possibly have hoped for: 1) the whirling props, 2) the fully-visible design on the tail, 3) the name "Nevada Air Guard," 4) the gear doors closing, and 5) the perfect lighting from the sun. Two seconds earlier and the "N" in the word "Nevada" would have been blocked; two seconds later and a part of the tail design would have been blocked.
Greg Byington
Nice job, Gary!
Dave Sheehy
Fantastic! I wish we could use more than five stars for this one. Thanks for sharing Gary.
Mark See
Awesome shot Gary!
Mathias Böttcher
beautiful photo , super aircraft - 5*

(OP) wishing you all the best-

greetings, Mathias
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg, Dave, Mark, and Mathias .... Thanks to all of you.
And Mathias ... Thank you, my friend. As of a few hours from now, I'm "out of action" for awhile. Not looking forward to it but better to go thru it now than to wait. I went out this morning to enjoy one more spotting session and now I'll be focused on proving the Doc wrong ... he said it will be at least a couple weeks until I'll be doing more a/c pic snapping ; I say I'll be back out there in five days OR LESS. lol In the meantime, I have an excellent series of a UAL B739 I just clicked this morning, and as soon as I am able to sit in front of my desktop computer, I'll select one of them and post it. Until soon, keep your battery charged, your lens clean, and your shutter snapping. (Thumbs Up and a big Wave)
Godspeed to You, Gary... and hurry back!
Mathias Böttcher
OK Gary , come only once back on its feet - Het well soon !!!!!!! :-) big Wave !
Greg Byington
Good luck!
Mark Thomas
Welcome back Gary! Hope all is well! Looking forward to some more of your insight and some more vintage pics! High five from Toronto!
Mathias Böttcher
Hi Gary , beautiful ,you back on your feet :-)

FA friends all happy !!!!

big wave to you -----
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Mark, and Thanks for your comment. I'm doing OK but being carved open twice in a week has left me moving a bit slow, and I'm told I can expect to be at less-than-100% mobility for about 8 weeks.
But ...
Last Friday, while my lady was taking me home after being released from the hospital, I learned that Textron AirLand's "Scorpion" (N531TA) had just arrived here at KRNO. N531TA is the prototype and is currently the only Scorpion in the world. I was cursing my totally lousy luck because I am not permitted to drive (taking narcotics) and I was barely able to walk, so going out to get some snaps of it was simply impossible. I was flat on my back on Saturday, and I started tottering around the house on Sunday. And then, on Monday, I made a couple calls and found out the Scorpion was STILL HERE! It was leaving on Tuesday morning. Another call ... and I had obtained permission to see (and photo) it up close. My wife drove me to Reno, and I downed enough pain-killers to enable me to stay "upright" (lol) and limp around out on the ramp. I was out there about an hour and caught SUPERB c/up snaps from every angle of the only Scorpion in the world (a second one is about to come off the Wichita prod line). I'll admit; I was hurting BAD and the hour wore me out big time, but I would go thru it all over again if the situation was the same. I've got a bunch of clicks of the ISR "See, Sense, Sting" light attackbird (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) and I'll post one as soon as I can manage to sit at the 'puter long enough to do some minor cropping and etc. (Thumbs Up)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Mathias, Hi to you, my friend. Thank you for saying "Hi" and for welcoming me back. I'm only "on my feet" a bit longer each day, but I was able to get out to the airport and get some photos of a Scorpion. I would have been brokenhearted if I had missed seeing it.
(But I'll tell you, Mathias; if the Doctor finds out I was out, I'm probably going to get a severe lecture. He is an ex-military surgeon and I think he expected me to "obey orders" to NOT go out spotting yet. lol)
(Big wave to you.)
Dwight Hartje
Awesome catch, Gary!
Gary, that's what extreme dedication to your passion of a/c spotting is all about. It's great to see you back!
sam kuminecz

I was saying prayers for you for a speedy recovery
glad to see your doing well
sorry I haven't replied recently have been moving to a new home about 1/2 mile from KBUF...on approach end of 5
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