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Boeing 717-200 (N924AT) - Flashback to 2013 ~~<br />Turning to line up for an early morning (dawn hour) departure on Runway 23.
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Boeing 717-200 (N924AT)

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Flashback to 2013 ~~
Turning to line up for an early morning (dawn hour) departure on Runway 23.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Had to hustle my a_s to get this snap because I was illegally parked on the eastbound shoulder of Interstate 90.
Johnathan Guif
It's an amazing picture. I miss Air Tran
Darryl Sarno
Great shot Gary and glad you got this snap. I flew Air Tran B717's and LOVED it. The 717 is a great plane to fly - smooth trip. All 5!
peter tomlinson
Gary , you ever come to Toronto to do aircraft photography ???
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Johnathan ... I share your feeling. Reading the comments by you and my friend Darryl reminded me that I have a couple more Air Tran pics. Will dig back thru the files and if I find them I'll post. And TY for the compli. Interstate 90 in New York is the New York State Thruway, a toll highway. As such, stopping is only permitted for mechanical issues, medical situations, etc. Parking in order to do some aviation spotting pics did not meet either criteria so I faked a mechanical problem, abandoned the rental, ran to a location to get this shot, ran back, and was gone. There's a toll barrier not far up the highway from where I parked and when I went thru there was a NY State Trooper cruiser there so I was glad I had not pitched a tent and stayed for awhile cause I'm sure I'd have been ticketed. (Wave)
Darryl .... TYVM. I think I only had two pics of Air Tran B717s and both are already posted. No, now that I think on it a bit more, I have three. The third one has not been posted. I'll look for it. When you say you "flew" them, were you a pilot for Air Tran or do you mean you flew ON their B717s (as a pax)?
Peter .... Born and raised in Buffalo; left in 1968 to join the AF. In 67 and 68, used to go to Toronto but went with other classmates (guys) and we were more interested in going to Yonge Street. (I'm sure you understand why ...). A few years back, I'd had plans to visit home and while there to cross at the Peace Bridge and meet an FA member who lives in Toronto at his airport but I had to cancel my entire trip back east so I never got to Toronto. And my last visit back there in 2019 was mostly to be with my brother one last time. Still have one sibling back there but other than him (and my Buffalo Bills) there is nothing back there for me anymore. Still, I might get back there again. If I do, I'll send you an FYI. And, if YOU are ever heading out this-a-way, let me know, k? Give me as much advance notice as possible and I'll arrange some spotting that fits into your schedule. (Thumbs Up)
Tom Vance
No mountains?
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7 de Mai de 2021 B712Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Intl ()Int'l de Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson () 13:38 CDT 15:15 EDT 0:37
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