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Lockheed F-35C (16-9600)

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United States Navy Lockheed F-35C Lightning (169600).
VFA-147 (Strike Fighter Squadron One Forty Seven) "Argonauts"
Home Port: NAS Lemoore; Lemoore, CA.
One of twelve F-35s at NAS Fallon and one of four Lightnings that were going out for an afternoon training exercise, 169600 is caught here departing on Runway 31L.
* This is the first photo of 169600 in FA's gallery. *


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The afternoon temperature on the open concrete at the intersection of Alpha and 31L was in the high 90s, but the mercury quickly went way up when this F-35 and its companions positioned on 31L and lit up. And the temp stayed way, WAY up into triple digits at that location for awhile because the four F-35s were just the first four of a thirteen bird afternoon launch. It became so hot out there by the time the last warbird (a Tactical Air F-5) took off that when they were finally all gone and the air temp dropped back down into the upper 90s, it felt quite chilly. lol
Gavin Hughes
Another classic pic. Love the story!
Tom Vance
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......you poor soul! LOL.....(*&(%*^$)_(+) great photo...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x5
Awesome image, can only imagine how loud that was!
Le F 35 arrière petit fils du fouga magister avec la queue en V pour une meilleure portance.
ken kemper

A Super Shot of the Butt End of this Lightning 2

Definitely the pic is worth the heat that you endured.
Myles Marcovitch
The C version is my favorite. I'm partial to the rugged landing gear of Navy carrier planes. Also the wings are bigger on the C to enable it to land at slower carrier speeds. Air Force landing gear don't look like they can hold up the weight of the aircraft. It's especially true when building aircraft models. AF models gear is often to fragile to hold the weight without reinforcement. It's a plane the the Navy needs and hope the have great success with it.
Robert Oldershaw
You can almost feel the power - great shot.
Dwight Hartje
Fantastic shot, Gary!
The F 35 great-grandson of the forked-tail magician with the V-shaped tail for better control?
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