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Oops! Landing over a field of wind turbines. Enough to disrupt radars and transmissions...
Allan HickmanPhoto Uploader
The turbines are quiet a way behind the Aircraft Bruno.... But you would have thought if there was going to be aq Problem the Authorities would maybe have thought about it ...!!!
Samuel Bixler
Any information about when and where? Can see that it's a 747-400, but not familiar with the little bit of logo that I can see on the side & tail. Registration?
Always my favorite
Amir Begloei
Looks like the newer lufthansa logo!
Harald Heuser
Looks like she had to "dodge" the turbines.
frank theriault
Queen of the skies.
Allan HickmanPhoto Uploader
The Aircraft is one of about 5 that do a Weekly flight from Nairobi to DONCASTER SHEFFIELD AIRPORT Robin Hood) bringing fresh fruit and Veg.it belongs to ASTRAL the reg. Numbers run TF AMM.... TF AMU.....TF AMO... can't remember the others, I think this was TF AMM, I will try to find a image taken from the side when they land over a road on landing. For Samuel Bixler, I can nearly say for sure this is TF AMM, sometimes they arrive Twice a week, sorry can't be more helpful at this time as we are not allowed to travel into the next County because of Covid 19 Restrictions.


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